Maa Bhabani Maa Amar is a spiritual film depicting the life story of Satyananda Purio. Satyananda (Sotu priest) is man with supernatural power who has gone through various difficulties since his childhood. After growing up, he started roaming around the country in search of Goddess Bhabani. During his journey he came in contact with different people who has no faith on god and did business in the name of God. One such family was Chandra and her husband Kumar s. Kumar insulted Sotu priest and also disbelieved his wife for which he was being cursed. Later he tried to rectify his mistakes and thus got back his happy family life. Sotu Priest went through different superhuman incidents which are being depictured in the film. The film ends by preaching the people that everyone in this society is equal to god, and the people should also stop differentiating each other on the basis of caste, class and religion.
English ( Eros Now Premium only)
Suitable for All