Ruprang is the story of Raj and Rupa. Bhundul is a poor villager who comes to the city after losing his family. There he adopts an abandoned boy and brings him up as his own son. Bhundul and Raj resort to illegal means to earn their livelihood. They plan to get Raj married to Rupa, a rich promoter s daughter so that they can usurp his wealth. But, Raj reveals the truth to Rupa on their wedding night. He and his father gets arrested but are released on bail. Raju, Rupa s NRI childhood friend falls in love with beautiful Rupa and their wedding is fixed. But Rupa and Raj still love each other. Raj tells Rupa to test if Raju really loves her and she pretends that her face has been disfigured. Raju rejects her when he sees her ugly face. Rupa realizes that Raj is her true love and accepts him back in life.