Though a lawyer by profession, Raghunandan Menon (Suresh Gopi) finds happiness in farming. He leads a happy life along with his family consisting of mother (Kaviyoor Ponnamma), elder brother, and his family. Raghunandan's fiancee Lekha (Suvarna Mathew) is a research student in literature. One night, on a usual walk through his farm, Raghu saves a severely wounded girl (Geetha]). On the next morning, she introduces herself as Sethulakshmi and informs him that she was brutally raped by gang of men, who later dumped her. Raghu offers her shelter in his farmhouse for next couple of days. Lekha, who happened to make a surprise visit finds Sethu in the farmhouse, whom she mistakes to be having an affair with Raghu. His explanations fail to convince her. Up on knowing about a girl staying at the farmhouse, Harinandan Menon (Lalu Alex), the elder brother, who is also a senior police officer arrives at the farmhouse. He is shocked to see Sethulakshmi and returns suddenly without saying anything. Sethu explains Raghu that Hari was one among those men who raped her. On reaching home to know more about the incident, Hari confesses of his mistake and tries to justify that he was in an inebriated condition. But Raghu is adamant of giving justice to Sethu. Raghu in attempt of bringing justice to Sethu faces severe opposition from within his house including his mom, fiancee and sister-in law. Upon knowing that Sethu is a rape victim, Madhavan (Ravi Vallathol) her fiance shows his unwillingness to accept her. In order to give a new life to her, Raghu marries Sethu and brings her to his house. But at home, he is asked by his sister-in law (Chithra) not to bring Sethu inside. Raghu takes Sethu and drives away.