The story is based on the Indian historical event during the 16th century. It narrates the victory of Viswanatha Nayak on his father to express his devotion towards Srikrishnadevaraya. Viswanatha Nayak (Krishna) is the son of Nagama Nayak (Sivaji Ganesan), a successful General of Srikrishnadevaraya (Krishnam Raju) of the Vijayanagara Empire. Chola King Veerasekhara Chola invades the Madurai Kingdom and deposed the Pandya King Chandrasekhara Pandyan who was under the protection of Srikrishnadevaraya. Due to this, an enraged Srikrishnadevaraya sends Nagama Nayak to aid Chandrasekhara Pandyan. Nagama Nayak suppresses Veerasekhara Chola and takes Madurai, but then suddenly he threw off his allegiance and declining to help Chandrasekhara Pandyan usurped the throne. So, Viswanatha Nayak volunteers to face his father in the battle ground. Nagama Nayak is defeated and the loyalty of Viswanatha Nayak is proven. Chivalry of both father and son is admired by Srikrishnadevaraya who makes Viswanatha Nayak the Governor of Madurai and other regions.