Bhadra (Kavya Madhavan) is a nurse who is living with her widowed mother, grandmother and twin sister Bhama, a medical student. Her older brother Achuthankutty (Jagathy Sreekumar) is a politician. Bhadra falls in love with Arun (Indrajith), a doctor who works with her. Arun has a Muslim father and a Hindu mother who agrees to have Bhadra as their daughter in law, but Achuthankutty hates him because his father is a Muslim, causing Arun and Bhadra to break up. Meanwhile, Achuthankutty has troubles with a ruthless businessman and moneylender named Krishnakumar(Dileep) who forces Achuthankutty to sell the family house to him. Bhadra and Bhama are left to be taken care of by their sister-in-law. She meets Krishakumar's sister Sridevi who was paralyzed after the death of their parents. Bhadra was unaware that Krishakumar had a childhood crush on her. Bhadra's life takes a tragic turn when Arun commits suicide, and Bhadra goes into mental shock. Krishnakumar decides to take care of the traumatized Bhadra and later marry her. At the ending we see Bhadra telling Krishnakumar that she is pregnant.