The film gets its title from Mammootty's character's role Johnnie Varghese. He has a brother Bobby Varghese who studies in Bangalore degree college for Economics. A visit from his brother and friends changes Johnnie's mind and he joins college despite of his age. From there he clashes with Swamy who rules the college with his drug gang. Because of his love towards his brother Bobby, Johnnie joins to his college as a student and starts living together. Soon he became the hero of the college as well as rival to Saamy and his gang. Bobby falls in love with his classmate Chandini, who was a depressed girl, as she was an adopted child to her parents. Chandini was addicted to drugs by Saamy and was hospitalised. Johnnie suffers from eye sight problems and realizes that he will soon lose his sight completely. Because of this he wants to see Bobbie's marriage and pleads to Chandini's parents for the same. At last they agrees after hearing his story. On the night of the marriage Bobbie is killed by Saamy and his gang. When Johnnie comes to know about his brother's death, he rushes towards Saamy and Didi, the leader of the gang and kills them. In the end Johnnie loses his sight completely and meets with an accident and dies.