Chinna (Sumanth) is born in jail to a mother who dies during childbirth. The Jailer (Chandra Mohan) feels sorry for Chinna and adopts him. He brings up Chinna along with his son, Sanjay (Rajiv Kanakala) and daughter. However the jailer's father hates Chinna since he was born to a prisoner. In a dramatic situation, Chinna kills the Jailer s brother and is put in jail. Upon release, the jailer and his family tell Chinna to stay away from them. So Chinna moves into a rough neighborhood that happens to be under the control of the local mafia there. He overpowers the mafia there eventually and becomes a protector for the people there. A clerk in the commissioner s office (Charmy) enters as a co-tenant in Chinna's house. Love sprouts between them. However, she mistakenly assumes that Chinna is a soft natured guy. She's unaware of his reputation in that locality nor of his murderous past. Their relationship breaks when she finally discovers the truth about Chinna. How do they get back together? Why did Chinna kill the jailer s brother? Will Chinna become a part of the jailer s family again? All these questions are answered towards the end when the shocking truth is revealed by the Jailer's wife because she accidentally killed her brother-in-law in self-defense.
Sexual Content