Tapas Singha is an aspiring singer and the son of a reputed businessman. His stepmother gives him a bad name and throws him out of his house to inherit all the property of her husband. Mina s story is also very similar. Her stepmother tortures her a lot and ruins her career. She is compelled to move out of her own house. They both decide to commit suicide and go to the riverbank. Where they meet and the cupid strikes. Together they decide to give life one more tries; on the other hand, we get to see another couple Lalu and Leela. Leela is a cousin of Tapas and Lalu, the goon with a heart of gold is a neighbour of Mina. Lalu and Leela were married in the childhood, but they were separated due to unfortunate circumstances. Tapas and Mina in search of a living starts to work for a millionaire and his wife respectively. But problem arises again as the employer thinks that Tapas is having an affair with his wife and fires him. Mina breaks down and starts to search for Tapas as he goes missing. Finally, during the climax Mina and Tapas get reunited and so does Lalu and Leela, and the audience gets to see a happy ending.