Shilalipi is the story of human relationships, human values and the meaning of human life. A poor widow from a decent family comes to Naren s house to take care of his house and father. Her son Raju becomes close to Naren s blind father Kamal Sen. Naren rapes the widow in an inebriated state and she is forced to commit suicide because of this disgrace. She leaves behind a letter with Kamal for Raju. Kamal gives the letter to Raju when he grows up. He is enraged to read about his mother s disgrace and when he questions Naren he dies of heart attack. Raju is shattered and holds himself responsible for Naren s death. Kamal tells him to start his life afresh. He marries and settles down. After living for few years peacefully he gets involved in a political tiff with Madhu Gupta and elderly man who had given him shelter and introduced him into politics. Madhu hires a young prostitute to trap Raju so that he withdraws his name from the election. Raju s young son falls for the girl and wants to settle down with her. Raju is shattered but then he realizes that nothing can be above human values. So, he leaves his political aspirations behind to live happily with his family.