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Goopy Bagha Phiray Elo| 1992

Goopy Bagha Phiray Elo

1992 | 119 min
Granted 3 wishes by a benign king of Goblins, Goopy and Bagha can get food and clothes, hold people spellbound with their singing and drumming and travel to any place by wearing magic slippers. Married to the two daughters of the king of shundi, they are now kings themselves while attending a contest of magicians they met Acharya, ostensibly a venerable septuagenarian recently arrived in Anandpur and staying in an abandoned castle. The Guru of Acharya has disclosed to him that Bikram, a 12-year-old boy of Anandpur will be the cause of his death. Impressed by their magical powers, Acharya offers Goopy and Bagha to make them 20 years younger is they would obtain from him, three of the most priceless jewels in the world. Goopy and Bagha ask for time. Meanwhile, Acharya rounds up all the 12-year-old boss of Anandpur, bearing the name Bikram and make them his obedient slaves. Goopy and Bagha discover the boys, whom they had heard missing in Acharya's castle. They decide to give in to Acharya's demand to rescue the boys. Pundit Nayratna tells Goopy and Bagha that his grandson Kanu, whose real name is Bikram, has gone to teach a lesson to a demon living in the castle. Goopy and Bagha catch up with a resolutely marching Bikram and they go into the castle. Finally, they succeed in quelling Acharya and victory is achieved by thwarting the forces of evil. more»
Subtitles:Arabic, English
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