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Newtonin Moondraan Vidhi| 2009

Newtonin Moondraan Vidhi

2009 | 148 min
The film opens with a grim and bearded angry young man Guru (S. J. Surya) paying floral tributes to his former lover Priya (Sayali Bhagat) in a graveyard. In the flashback, their love story is told. Guru, a fashion designer falls head over heels for Priya an anchor working in Eagle TV's music channel. After initial hiccups, both fall in love and decide to get married. However things turn awry when the aggressive, almost maniacal channel owner JP (Rajiv Krishna) has a psychotic obsession for Priya, which turns into a dangerous game. He harasses her and on the eve of her wedding, kidnaps her, frames up Guru in a false case, puts her on virtual house arrest, brutally rapes and kills her! Due to his clout and money power, JP makes it look like a suicide. Back to the present, Guru with the help of his friend Reghu (Sasi) working in the channel meticulously plans for a year to take revenge. In a chilling and cold- blooded way, Guru tells JP on phone-"Bad Morning JP it is 10 am, you will be dead by 12'noon"! JP doesn't know who is speaking. Guru threaten JP to use his old friend's car and coming to koyambedu, JP calls his henchman Deva (Yugendran) to kill him but guru knowing this makes him get beaten by people, he come and save him and he also arranges incometax officers to arrest him for having blackmoney in car. He also threatened him that he would send him a video containing JP giving money to minister (John Amrithraj in his last role). JP identifies thst it is guru doing this work because Priya was killed in 14th feb so he is going to kill him. JP going to take revenge on him. Guru is working as pizza delivery boy, he catches him and beat him. Guru snatches chains and surrenders himself to police to escape from him. He tells to police about JP. Guru comes to JP and tells that JP's lover who was cheated by him has uploaded the rape of priya by him on YouTube. Guru ties JP and beats him and cries for death of priya but Deva beats Guru. JP breaks the two hands of Guru. Finally, in climax (taken from an English movie Shoot 'Em Up), when suryah is unable to hold a gun properly and shoot, he places bullets in between his fingers and gets his hand close to fire, by which he performs the action of a gun using his hand and he kills JP at sharply 12:00 P.M. more»
Subtitles:Arabic, English
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