Ki & Ka is all about the conventional marriage that strives to become unconventional when the husband and wife decide to break away from stereotypical gender roles. Ki, aka Kia, is an ambitious, career-oriented woman who doesn't want to lose her identity and her career in the rut of marriage. On the other hand, unlike the conventional Indian man, Ka, aka Kabir, is not keen to be a part of the cut throat race and competition in his career and believes in being a homemaker. As they meet luckily by chance, love blooms and they decide to tie the knot. While Kia runs the house, Kabir is gladly enjoying his role as a house-husband. As they set off on this roller-coaster ride of marriage, will they be able to survive the brunt of ego, love, and jealousy?
Sexual Content, Smoking, Alcohol, Foul Language