Ram Singh (or Ramu) (Dev Anand) is a good school boy. One day he brings a penknife which his classmate has forgotten. He shows it to his mother. When he says that it has to be returned next day his mother says it need not be returned and uses it.This spoils Ramu and he starts stealing petty things and his mother protects him. His uncle Shankar warns his mother that her pampering and encouragement is the Dushman for the son and one day he will be a big thief. This protection encourages him to become a thief. He becomes Dakhu Ram Singh. Police are after him and in the process, he has to leave the city and go to another city to escape the police. In the train, he steals and he gets an accomplice in Charodimal ( Radha Kishen). In the new city, he sees a girl Shiela (Usha Kiron)won the swing and cuts the swing and Shiela fall in the river. He pretends to save her and takes her necklace. They he comes to know that her brother is the CID inspector who is after him. So he entices her and marries and starts to continue his profession of stealing. His true identity is found by the Inspector who tries to arrest him. Shiela who is pregnant comes to save him and faints. The Inspector comes to attend fainted Shiela and Ram Singh escapes. She delivers a son. Ram Singh comes to see the son and Shiela leaves him. Ramu starts repenting and ultimately surrenders to Police.