Janardhan Jakhar lives in his own world, encompassed with music and dreams of mesmerizing the world with his voice. Midst unsuccessful auditions and thwarted attempts in creating music, this Delhi boy imbibes a priceless piece of advice from his mentor friend - that great music is borne from great pain and he who hasn't experienced the pain of heartbreak shall not know the depth and intensity of sublime music. Janardhan now sets out to find the pain that will make his life and music go beyond the realm of the ordinary. He proposes to Heer (Nargis Fakhri), the stunning beauty from the college. Quiet and subdued, Heer has a well of emotion hidden inside, an ocean of unfettered energy waiting to exude. The story of Janardhan and Heer starts off as one of laughter and mirth, but with every passing day, this becomes more intense, more passionate and more vulnerable. As they eventually part ways, Janardhan's pain of separation translates into words and music, transcending the heart and the soul. Janardhan becomes Jordan, as he relentlessly pursues his love, at once pining away and accepting the absence of Heer in his life, while at the other end, hurling down the road of self-destruction, mirroring his meteoric rise to fame.