VRS group of higher secondary school is the most prestigious school in the city. Every parent's dream is to gets an admission in that school for a better future to their kids. On the contrary School life has the most unforgettable moments and emotions in everybody s life. Protagonist, Shiva (GV. Prakash Kumar) is the pride of the school because he is a state topper and his ambition is to become an astronomer. Currently he is working on a thesis about Life at Mars for which he has been nominated for UNESCO's Young scientist. Apart from this his first infatuation is "Maya Srinivasan" (Sri Divya) his classmate she is a police commissioner's daughter and she is a nerd girl and has a peculiar interest of her own which makes her different from others. Nithin (Shariq Riyazkhan) Antagonist is a rich and spoiled kid of a film star he hates shiva, because of his Intelligence, respect and fame that Shiva gets from the school that makes Nithin hate him. Due to this, there is always conflict between them. Nithin wants to avenge shiva so he plots him in a mysterious situation which turns Shiva upside down. How shiva is going to overcome the crucial situation and unfolds other mysteries. In a nutshell "A SPARK NEGLECTED BURNS THE HOUSE" -Leo Tolstoy