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Aggradani| 1983


1983 | 117 min
It traces the life of a simple village man with a heart of gold. A simple man who acts in a theatre company saves a girl the plight of being married to an improper man who wants huge amounts of dowry much to the distress of the girl s widowed mother. The man is emotional, talented and very simple. He doesn t understand the complexities of the world so full of spiteful people with their own varied agenda. He keeps his wife happy no matter how poor they are. They go on to have an intelligent son and a beautiful daughter. The zamindar s young son was a boy with a golden heart and always wandered around helping his father s people, looking after their welfare and well-being in his own simple childish ways. The man and the zamindar s son develop a deep bond. The daughter is married off while the son is sent to the city for higher studies. The man comes to visit his son in his hostel who is embarrassed infront of his friends and introduces his father as his old servant . The man realizes it soon after and is left devastated. Years pass by and the daughter doesn t come to her maternal house and the man doesn t have permission to visit her either since the son-in-law s prestige will get hampered. Finally he goes only to find out his daughter been sold out in the flesh market by the filthy zamindar and his subjects. He sees life and accepts the fact that indeed society is ugly and life very un-fair. more»
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Annaya Attyachar| 2004

Annaya Attyachar

2004 | 159 min
Udayan Choudhury, when he was critical illness, he mistakes Kunti as his wife Parboti and has a physical relationship with her. In the morning, when he wakes up, he is completely oblivious to the mistake he had committed the previous night and leaves. But certain kunti matter is ignore Udayan's wife Parboti. Meanwhile both Kunti and Parboti get pregnant and both give birth to boys. Kunti approaches Parboti tries to do justice to Kunti by leaving home, but Kunti has other plans. She makes Parboti make a promise and exchange each other's children. Kunti on her way home meets with an accident and dies saying her dying wish to her father - to keep the birth identity of the child a secret to everyone. Years pass by and Kunti and Udayan's child Joy gets a good education while Parboti and Udayan's son Karna doesnt do anything too great. Meanwhile Joy's love interest is Riya, the daughter of Dr. Mukherjee, a family friend. As Karna comes to kill Joy he is arrested by the police. Parboti sentences her own son unknowingly but Pradeepa comes to the court and discloses to Parboti the true identity of Karna. Parboti grants bail to Karna, but cannot confess her real indetity to him. Udayan is kidnapped by the goons of Raghav Roy and to save him Parboti confesses everything to Karna and asks him to save his father. A fight takes place in Raghav Roy's house, where the two sons try to save their father. The family is relieved after a long time and everything is forgiven and forgotten. more»
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