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Ye Stupid Pyaar| 2011

Ye Stupid Pyaar

2011 | 106 min
Abhishek Khurana, the only son of a rich business man - handsome and hardworking is well settled in USA dreams of marrying an INDIAN GIRL.. On his visit to India he meets, NEHA DALVI who takes classes for salsa and yoga and lives with her father... Abhishek joins the Salsa classes leaving no opportunities to be closer to her and cherish every moment that they spend together as friends. As time goes by, one fine day, Abhsihek proposes Neha and they exchange the vows.... On their first wedding night, Neha breaks down emotionally for the fact of leaving her Dad alone and go to US in such a short span. Abhishek expresses his concern and as a gesture of true love, decides to join his Bangkok office instead and offers Neha to celebrate their first wedding night at their new destination - THAILAND - to be flown the next day.... Life becomes so sweet and adorable, everything gets going smoothly as Abhishek reaches home from his first day of office and gets a very passionate first night gift from Neha. Destiny plays its part and things take a turn when the life of Abhishek and Neha is disturbed under circumstances beyond their control. Abhishek meets Simran and his friend multiplex who gets involved in bringing them out of the situation. Though Simran always had feelings for Abhishek, since their college days of which Abhishek was always unaware... while she helps him in all the possible ways she could. Simran seeks help of her dear friend Multiplex and their extensive search for Neha begins. What goes through the lives of Abhishek, Neha and Simran is the explanation to their confusion about love. Is Love so simple... or is it so Stupid? more»
Subtitles:English, Chinese
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Lalpathare| 1964


1964 | 131 min
Kumar Bahadur is the rich inheritor of Ray family. He is an M.A. in Psychology, a good hunter and at the same time a profound music lover. Kumar once saves the life of an extremely beautiful village woman who was captured by dacoits. Kumar takes her to his palace, and soon becomes her admirer. The woman also falls for young and handsome Kumar and their love story begins. Kumar changes the woman s name to Madhuri from Saudamini. At the same time, Kumar also tries to change Madhuri as a person also. He desperately tries to infuse class and grace into her. He starts teaching her lessons, takes her to different places and also hires a music instructor for her. But Madhuri fails to become Kumar s muse which leads him to great dissatisfaction, finally after ten long years Kumar finds Sumita in function. Impressed by her vocal skills Kumar marries her without knowing anything about her. Soon Sunita s childhood lover Ambar returns from England. Now the story takes an interesting turn as Kumar turns blind with jealousy. Taking Ambar and Sunita to Fatehpur Sicri Kumar plays a cruel game and gets Sunita killed by her lover. Even more tragic incidents follow. Dying Sunita admits that she was pregnant with Kumar s son and Kumar kills Ambar by accident. In the end of this great saga we find that Kumar couldn t Bear this episode and affected with deep grief and guilt feeling he loses his mental sanity. more»
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Sei Chokh| 1976

Sei Chokh

1976 | 129 min
In the beginning of the movie, we find Nabakrishna in a mental home. His uncle Prankrishna and his aunt, both unmarried are very much worried about their nephew's mental health. They decide to bring him back to his home, but impose certain restrictions. Being a free bird Nabakrishna cannot bear all these and he soon escapes with his loyal servant Bipul on toe. Nabakrishna always had his way with women and being kind hearted he always gifted them some or the other thing. This way he allowed some people to stay in his Akashkusum mansion for an indefinite period, but according to the aunt's orders Naba's attorney soon serve them a legal notice to evacuate the mansion. Desperate to keep their flats the residents start to hunt for Nabakrishna and soon it yielded result. One of them Mrs. Nandy strikes gold. Nabakrishna in his usual manner falls for Mrs. Nandy's niece. Soon a lot of events follows which raises a few laughter. Nita, Mrs. Nandy's niece is a simple girl who loved Amal, a medical representative, but Mrs. Nandy makes a ploy to separate the lovers, which eventually lands poor Amal in jail. During the time when Nita's marriage is finalised, Amal breaks free from jail and comes to take her back. In the meantime, another woman Malati enters the scene. She herself was ditched by Nabakrishna at some point of time and was going to commit suicide when Nita's father saved her life. Henceforth they married and lived together in the village. When the news of Nita's marriage reaches them, Malati rushes to the scene to cancel the marriage. On the marriage day, the tension becomes extreme. At that time, it is revealed that Amal was innocent. A detective hired by Nabakrishna himself discovers the truth thus paving the way of Amal-Nita reunion. The film ends on a happy note as Nabakrishna wishes the newly wed couple luck and gifts them a palace to live. more»
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