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Hum Aapke Hain Koun| 1994

Hum Aapke Hain Koun

1994 | 184 min
Prem, a top student, is learning the ropes of business under his elder brother Rajesh and his uncle Kailashnath, a big industrialist. In another town, Nisha is studying computer science and is the darling of her elder sister, Pooja, and her parents, Professor Choudhry and Kamladevi. Fate brings the two families together and this results in the the betrothal of Rajesh and Pooja. At the wedding, Prem meets Nisha and falls in love with this carefree woman. With Pooja as the woman of the house, joy knows no bounds in Prem's family. Months pass by and Pooja becomes pregnant. Nisha is invited to come and stay with her sister and attend the traditional function before the child's birth. Nisha's arrival is like a dream come true for Prem. Nisha stays there until the birth of the child, taking over the household chores, and becoming very much a part of the family. In soft whispers, Prem and Nisha commit their love for each other and secretly dream of spending a lifetime together. Then fate strikes a cruel blow when Pooja dies after a sudden fall down a flight of stairs. Because of this tragedy, life in the house comes to a standstill. Rajesh worries about the future of his motherless child, and it causes his health to deteriorate. Nisha's father suggests that Nisha should get married to Rajesh and become the mother of Pooja's child. Prem and Nisha decide to sacrifice their love for the sake of the family. But will destiny bring them together after all? more»
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Abodh| 1984


1984 | 132 min
Naive, childish and precocious, Gauri lives in a small town with her parents. At a fair, she gets into an argument with Shankar. Shortly thereafter, Gauri is told that her marriage has been arranged. At first Gauri is thrilled, then changes her mind when she finds out that her groom is Shankar, but finally reconciles herself to this marriage. After she re-locates to Shankar's residence, she spends much of her time playing with Shankar's little brother. Her husband starts to realize that Gauri has not matured yet. He is unable to get intimate with her. Gauri soon becomes bored, and re-locates to her parents' house, where she resides for several months. It is here that she truly grows up, realizing the importance of marriage and intimacy. She then returns to Shankar's house, where she is welcomed back - though not quite warmly enough. Gauri starts to realize that her childishness has created distance between her and Shankar. He re-locates to study in another town. For several months, the family does not get any news about him. Shankar's father Gajanan Singh visits the hostel where his son is supposed to be staying. However, Gajanan finds that Shankar has left the hostel. For 3 months, Shankar goes missing. In the end, Shanker meets Gauri's childhood friend Ratna by chance. After talking to Ratna, Shankar realises that Gauri has matured and loves him. He goes running back to meet Gauri. They both reconcile. more»
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