Tutiya Dil (UA) is the story of Rhea Kapoor (Suzanna Mukherjee) who falls in love with her new boss, Karan Oberoi (Nikhil Sabharwal). However, she soon realises that Karan is two-timing her. She walks out on him but is unable to forget him. She is even ready to forgive him when he makes the first move after the breakup, but he once again lets her down rather badly. After walking out on Karan, Rhea begins to stay in the house of Vishal Khanna (Sidhant Kapur), a colleague, who understands her predicament and sympathises with her. Vishal is living in with his girlfriend but still makes place for Rhea in his house because he cares for her. After her bad experience in love, Rhea likens men to turkeys, a species of birds which are always on the hunt for new hens to mate with. She is convinced, men can never be faithful and always have sex on their minds. Rhea also has to consult a shrink, Dr. Prayag (Naveen Kaushik), such is her condition after the heartbreak.