A story of a young girl in pursuit of her dream of becoming big in the fashion industry, Gul comes to Mumbai from Jaiper to joins Vivek's company. Soon, she complains to him about Adi, her senior, who seeks sexual favours from her for accepting her design submissions. This is her way of getting back at Adi, with whom she had to sleep with before. She soon becomes Vivek's blue-eyed employee and is promoted, but stabs him in the back when she gets a far more lucrative job offer from his competitor, Ravi Bajaj. Before long, she ditches Ravi Bajaj too to join Xavier. Gul's mother, Shobha, always reminds Gul to maintain a diary to record her day-to-day events, as she feels it would serve as a mirror to her life. Gul obliges, but she is soon tired of writing in it due her consequential decisions in life, as well as due to feeling terribly let down by Karan, her boyfriend in Jaipur, and her two friends in Mumbai, Carol and Pia.