Khota Sikka is the story of an Udaipur boy called Veeru. He is fun loving, day dreamer and careless. He is master of wits but aimless. His father decides to get him married with his bhabhi's younger sister. On the other hand Veeru meets one NRI girl called Kiran and falls in love with her. He wants to get her at any cost with the help of Rehmat Chacha. Rehmat is equally friendly with Veeru and his father. But he loves Veeru unconditionally. Kiran informs her parents about Veeru's love and her future plans to marry him. Her father meets Veeru's father Subedar Karan Singh Choudhry regarding their marriage. Subedar had already given his word to his daughter in law's father, regarding Veeru's marriage, so he insults and misbehaves with Mr. Chaddha very badly. Insulted Chaddha decides and takes an oath in front of Subedar that he will not marry Kiran with Veeru whatever happens. Although Perry and Mohini, brother and mother of Kiran were dead against this marriage, when Kiran comes to know about her father's insult, she also decides to not marry Veeru. Veeru makes a wonderful plan with Kiran and promises that both their families will join their hands and request them to marry each other respectfully.