Featuring the life and times of Sikh warrior, Banda Singh Bahadur, this movie follows the great martyr right from the time he met his mentor, Guru Gobind Singh Saheb, while meditating as a hermit in Nanded. A strategist and a skilled warrior, Banda Singh took his Guru s advice to fight for the innocent people of Punjab who were perishing under the tyrannical Mughal rule led by Wazir Khan. Banda Singh went on to fight many battles across Punjab and brought about reforms such as the abolition of the Zamindari system, freedom of religion and other humanitarian measures, even as he managed to establish Khalsa rule in the state. Banda Singh Bahadur had to fight the Mughals relentlessly and finally, Mughal Emperor Farrukhsiyar managed to defeat him with his unlimited resources. But Banda Singh Bahadur refused to turn tail and escape and gave himself up along with his men like a true soldier.