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Adhikar| 1954


1954 | 126 min
This Is The Story Of Modern Age - The Story Of Fight For The Equal Rights Of Men And Women. . After The Days Hard Work In The Office, Shekhar Returns Home Tired But When He Sees A Welcome Smile On Latas - His Wife - Lips, He Forgets His Fatigue And Finds Fresh Charm In Life. One Day, Shekhar Informs Lata Of His Transefer To Bombay, The News That Sends Her In Reptures. He Also Takes Out One Locket From Him Pocket And Puts It Round The Neck Of Their Tiny Tot Baby Shashi. Inside The Locket Is Set The Photo Of Shekhar, Lata And Shashi. Shekhars Friend Bhushan And His Wife, Come To Invite Them To A Birthday Party. Giving Strict Instructions To Dulari To Be By The Side Of Shashi Who Is Fast Asleep, They Go To The Party But When They Come Back, Lata Finds Her House On Fire. She Runs To Shashis Rescue, Throws Her Down Safe But She Is Severally Burnt And Before Breathing Her Last, She Requests Shekhar To Marry Again. . Leaving Shashi To Her Grand Parents, Shekhar Comes To Bombay And Puts Up With Bhushan. Pressing Letters From His Parents, Asking Him To Take Care Of Shashi Compet Him To Take A Flat In Radhakishens Building. Where He Comes In Cntact With Usha And They Fall A Prey To Cupids Game. And Shekhar Gets Married To Usha. On Hearing The News Of His Second Marriage, Shekhars Parents Write To Him To Take Away Shashi, As They Want To To To Kumbha Mela. The Letter Goes In The Hands Of Usha Who, Enraged At This, Quarrels With Shekhar And Runs Away To Her Mother. . Finding Usha In A Dejected Mood, Her Mother Asks Her To Accompany Her To Kumbha Mela Where Baby Shashi, Separated From Her Grand Parents And Lost In Chaos, Falls In The Hands Of Usha. Knowing The Identity Of Shahsi From The Locket, Usha Takes Her To Bombay. Shekhar Comes To Usha To Inform Her That The Child For Whom She Had Deserted Him Is Lost In Kumbha Mela And Now Seh Should Forget Him. At This, Usha Tells Him That She Also Had A Baby By Her First Marriage, Shekhar Gets Stunned. Usha Goes To Shekhars House With Shashi But Taking Shashi As Ushas Child, Shekhar Feels Jealous And This Heart Burning One Day Reaches To A Climaz Where Upon He Slaps Usha On Her Face. Putting The Same Locket Round Shashis Neck, Usha Silently Quits The House. Shekhar Drives Shashi Out Of The House. While Dragging Her, Locket Comes Out Of Her Neck. On Seeing The Locket, He Realizes The Truth And Runs Like A Mad Man To Ushas House. Not Finding Her There, Shekhar And Usha Move Out In Search For Shashi. On Seeing Shashi Running To Stone Hills, Which Are Being Exploded. Usha Gets Fainted. But Shashi Escapes The Explosing By A Hair-Breadth And The Two Separted Hearts Are United Because Of A Child. more»
Subtitles:English, Arabic
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Tansen| 1943


1943 | 114 min
Tansen becomes orphan at a very young age and lives with his paternal uncle. He goes to a music teacher to learn music and returns to his native village after many years of training. In the village the shepherdess Tani is considered a gifted singer, and Tansen falls in love with her. Tani rescues an elephant and Tansen tames it by his singing. This captures the attention of Raja Ramchandra,Rewa State. He becomes Tansen's friend. At the same time in Agra, the Mughal emperor Akbar regrets why there is no musician in his navratnas. Akbar sends a few of his workers to the countryside to find out the best musician. While his workers are searching the best musician they come across Tansen, who while singing for Tani brings a leafless tree to bloom. The workers are overwhelmed at this and ask Tansen to go to the court of Akbar along with them. Tansen refuses at first by saying that he will sing for no one other than his sweetheart Tani. After repeated persuasions he finally agrees to go to Agra where he enthrals Akbar by his singing. Akbar appoints him as one of his navratnas. The other musicians in the royal court see this move as a threat to their reputation and status in the court. On Akbar's birthday,Tani goes to Agra to meet Tansen and in order to meet her Tansen refuses to sing on the king's birthday. Upon meeting Tani, Akbar tells her that Tansen is married and asks her to leave. He does so thinking that a broken heart will inspire even better music from Tansen. When Akbar later asks Tansen to sing he refuses to do so saying that he would accept even the death penalty,but would not sing. One of the court musician Zehen Khan tells Akbar and his sick princess that the Deepak raag has the magic of igniting things. Akbar asks Tansen to sing the Deepak raag but again he refuses.Finally on repeated persuasions by the sick princess, Tansen agrees to sing. Tansen ignites the candles placed near him when he is singing. He continues singing in extreme heat and gets badly burnt. When Akbar learns from Azam Khan (the court physician) that Zehen Khan and the other court musicians were plotting against Tansen he orders the arrest of them all. Meanwhile, Tansen's condition worsens. Birbal, the court philosopher suggests to Akbar that a singer who can sing the Malhar raag (known for bringing heavy rain) should be searched for. Akbar himself searches for such a singer but is unable to find one. The dying Tansen wishes to meet his friend Raja Ramchandra. Along the way to his village Tansen meets Tani near a fountain and she heals him by singing the Megh Malhar raag. more»
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