Peter D'Souza lives in a small town in India. He is an idealistic and honest young man and wants to serve his country by joining the army. He enlists himself and soon undergoes vigorous training under the hands of Major Chauhan (Nana Patekar). After the training, Peter and a group of commandos are assigned to combat terrorists who have hijacked a bus full of passengers. The commandos daringly rescue the passengers, however, Peter is gravely wounded and loses his leg. He is honorably discharged from the army and goes home to help his father run a small corner store. Subsequently, Major Chauhan receives an invitation to attend the marriage of Peter with his long-time girlfriend, Shirley (Madhuri Dixit), which he decides to accept. Upon arrival in the town, Chauhan finds out that marriage is no more happening as Peter is dead. Chauhan is further shocked to find out that Peter's death was a homicide, as enraged gangsters who were unable to extort money from him killed Peter. Chauhan now decides to avenge Peter's death, not realizing that he, himself, may not live to tell this tale.