Six young couples in different situations, face different quandaries. All their problems are apparently caused by love, too much, too little, love for the wrong people, love for people who don't want it, unrequited love, amnesia-afflicted love and what have you. Each of the 6 stories is moderately developed, the most believable being the Hindu-Muslim couple - the Ashutosh-Tehzeeb story. Then there is the starlet hungry to make it big, hatching up a publicity stunt which backfires - the Kkamini-Rahul deal. The third pair is that of Stephanie-Raju pair, she searching for her faithless Indian boyfriend and the Indian taxi-driver who ferries her around the country. And then there is the Shiven-Gia yuppie marriage fiasco, with the groom with the cold-feet. The fifth story is of the stable married couple - Vinay-Seema, whose 15 year marriage is threatened when the husband wants more than just boring, suburban life. The sixth couple's story is of Isha-Sohail as a rural couple unable to give vent to their passion. The film runs through these six stories almost in parallel, taking us to their respective conclusions.