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Apoorva Sagodharargal| 1989

Apoorva Sagodharargal

1989 | 147 min
Sethupathi (Kamal Haasan) is an honest and upright police officer. When he arrests four bigwigs, Dharmaraj (Nagesh), Francis Anbarasu (Delhi Ganesh), Nallasivam (Nassar) and Satyamoorthy (Jaishankar), they escape justice easily and return to take revenge. They kill him and poison his wife Kaveri (Srividya). She escapes and gives birth to twins with the help of another woman Muniyamma (Manorama), but the babies are separated and each woman believes that the other is dead because of the events happening after the birth. One of the twins, Raja (Kamal Haasan) grows up as a mechanic with Muniyamma, while the other twin, Appu (Kamal Haasan), a dwarf,[a] grows up in the circus with his mother. Appu falls in love with the daughter (Rupini) of the circus owner (T. S. B. K. Moulee), mistakenly thinking that she was asking him to elope with her. But she actually had asked him to be witness to her marriage with her fianc (Anand), which was not approved by her father. Heartbroken over this and insecure about his height, he tries to commit suicide, but is prevented by his mother, who then reveals the reason that his dwarfism might have been because of the poison force-fed to her when she was pregnant with the twins. This leads Appu to learn about his father's murder and decides to avenge him. Meanwhile, Raja falls in love with Janaki (Gouthami), who happens to be Satyamoorthy's daughter. As Raja resembles Sethupathi, Sathyamoorthy and his 3 friends gain interest in Raja. Francis is fishing in a lake. Appu uses one of his well trained circus Indian Spitz puppy to lure Francis to an abandoned building, and reveals his identity to him. Francis smirks when he sees that Appu is a dwarf and cannot hurt him due to his size. But Appu uses a Rube Goldbergian contraption to kill him, and the dead body falls in a lorry covered with hay. Raja and Janaki have car trouble and hitchhike a ride in the same lorry, but are oblivious to the dead body. The lorry driver (Kavithalaya Krishnan) discovers the body when he reaches his destination and calls the police. The inspector (Janagaraj) in charge of the case, suspects Raja by tracing the car number given by the lorry driver. Appu kills Nallasivam in a golf course using a tiger from his circus, but Nallasivam's caddy sees Appu's face and the tigers tail from afar. This leads the inspector to Raja again, who, coincidentally, is wearing a tiger costume while performing a song at a festival in his street. Janaki becomes enraged when she learns that Raja has killed his father's friends and breaks up with him. Raja is released from custody as the postmortem examination has revealed real tiger wounds that could not be inflicted by Raja's costume. He goes over to Janaki's house to smooth things over with the inspector following him covertly. When he is talking to her, Appu tricks Sathyamoorthy into killing himself with a circus handgun that shoots backwards. Appu escapes, but Raja and Janaki enter Sathyamoorthy's room, hearing the gunshot a few moments before the inspector arrives. Janaki faints when she sees her dad dead, and the inspector now believes that Raja shot Sathyamoorthy. Raja too escapes and is on the run while the police had released a sketch of his face to the public. An exhausted Raja is spotted by some people in a market, and they try to catch him. Raja, in an attempt to evade capture, threatens to kill the nearest woman he gets hold of. When the crowd backs down, he releases the woman and escapes. The woman, who incidentally happens to be Kaveri, realizes that Raja is the other twin and seeks out Muniyamma. They both realize that the murders are committed by Appu, and Raja is mistaken as Appu, who overhears this. Dharmaraj believes that it is Raja avenging his father's death and that he is the next target, and decides to seek out Raja's mother, and is shocked to see Kaveri, whom he believed to be dead, also present there. Nonetheless, he kidnaps both women and threatens to kill them unless Raja surrenders to him. Appu escapes, helps Raja evade the police, and tells him everything. They both collaborate and go to the circus where their mothers are held captive. With the help of well-trained circus animals, Appu and Raja overpower the goons. With silent approval of his mother, Appu shoots Dharmaraj, who falls down and gets eaten by circus lions. Appu surrenders to the police, and Raja is set free and unites with Janaki. more»
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Jhinder Bondi| 1968

Jhinder Bondi

1968 | 103 min
The story of Jhinder Bondi is set in the surrounding of Jhind, a historical place in Madhya Pradesh. Sankar Singh, the prospective king of Jhind was abducted even before his coronation as a result of a dangerous plan, devised by his brother Udit and his corrupt ally Mayur Bahan. The truth is kept as a secret to prevent Udit from gaining the throne and a trusted troupe is sent to search for Sankar Singh throughout the country. Whilst searching vigorously for the prospective ruler Sankar Singh one of the royal guard spots, a young man from Calcutta, named Gauri Sankar Roy. The man bears an uncanny similarity with the real king hence the Royal guard requests him to play the proxy for the abducted king. Gauri Sankar, the adventurous man after hearing the cobweb of mystery that clouds Jhind agrees to act as the king of Jhind hence accompanies guard to the kingdom. The story moved on further and Gauri Sankar was crowned as the king of Jhind. The cunning Mayur Bahan and the baffled Udit devise a number of plans to destroy Gauri Sankar, however all goes in vain and the young Gauri Sankar with the help of Dewan, sardar and Rudrarup eludes them. However the story as we see Kasturibai , the queen of Jharoa, neighboring kingdom betrothed to Sankar, the real king. Gauri Sankar as the role-player again passes the test of being Sankar, the ruler during the engagement ceremony and wins the heart of Kasturibai. Sankar gradually started liking Kasturi and is torn inside because of his guilt. The search for the real Sankar Singh however still continues and the news of his whereabouts within no time reaches Sardar and Dewan. Meanwhile, Sardar also reveals an interesting story that links Gauri Sankar with that of a royal heritage and proves him to be a rather deserving candidate of Jhind than that of the original ruler. more»
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