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Antim Swash Sundar| 2010

Antim Swash Sundar

2010 | 103 min
Can a philosopher's stone turn everything into gold ? Can it become the elixir of life ? And what is life? Is it a journey where one s achievements are measured in terms of material prosperity or is it the attainment of a certain state that is best described as the inexhaustible sweetness of serenity that comes from cherishing what one has as opposed to vying for what others seem to have. The film Last Breath Beautiful delves into these complex but realistic issues that confront the masses today. As principal protagonist Prem Sengupta grapples with the conflict between his idealism and principles on the one hand and the dreams and aspirations of his vivacious wife Vibha on the other, a chance encounter puts a magic pendant in his hands. Said to have mystical powers, the pendant propels Prem from being a small time employee of a firm to a powerful industrialist whose every wish seems to come true. However, woven into the tapestry of this tale of apparent success is a dark underbelly. Though the pendant has brought them great material benefits it seems to have come at a tremendous cost... Featuring seasoned actors like Subrata Dutta and Indrani Halder in the lead roles, the film triggers a thought in the viewers about the possibility to transcend the plethora of various complexities of life, and to break free and rejoice for that matter, maybe even the moment of death! more»
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Grihayuddha| 1984


1984 | 92 min
"The Chief labour officer of a private steel company in Barrackpur senses corruption in the management. An idealist he resigns and is murdered. The secretary of the trade union, Probir gets to know of it and is murdered. His comrade Bijan manages to escape and absconds. Nirupama, the sister, who silently cherishes Bijan, along with Sandipan, a reporter, tracks down the hired gang of killers, which include Sital, the goal keeper in a smalltime football team. Sital reveals that they had been lured with the promise of a job. But the promises were not kept and sital wishes to disown his past. Meanwhile, Bijan has made good as a salesman in Nasik and returns to Calcutta as a changed man. His values had been eroded by time and success. He tries to justify his desertion of his earlier convictions, but fails to convince Nirupama. He wants a settled married life with Nirupama. She still clings to the ideals of her dead brother. But confusion and desperation forces Nirupama to accept his proposal. On the date of marriage, Sandipan is found dead in mysterious circumstances. Confused, Nirupama wants to postpone the marriage. Quarrels follow and Nirupama realises that the void between them is too wide to be bridged. The rift, however, forces a helpless girl to the threshold of self awareness. She realises that she, The film ends with Niupama beginning the struggle all by herself. more»
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