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Mokssh| 2013


2013 | 103 min
Sound designer Geetali (new find Sukhada Yash) is in a live-in relationship with an aspiring filmmaker, Parth (Chinmay Mandlekar), who is frustrated because he has not been able to make much headway in his career. One day, Geetali's friend, Eric (Edward Sonnenblick), a student of anthropology, comes from abroad and expresses a desire to study spirituality. He wants to make a documentary film on the Pandharpur pilgrimage, so popular among Maharashtrians. The pilgrimage, also referred to as Waari, is a 240-km. walk from Alandi to Lord Vithal's abode on Pandharpur, and mythology has it that the journey is to be completed in 18 days. The pilgrimage also entails unfolding of one of the 18 chapters of the Dnyaneshwari each day of the journey. Parth takes up the offer to direct the film but since he is keen to make a mark in commercial cinema, he makes it clear that he would make a feature and not a documentary.Parth starts off with his skeletal crew along with lakhs of pilgrims in the Pandharpur pilgrimage. However, he often becomes irritable and also loses his temper when he feels, his crew members are not doing their best. There comes a stage when Parth decides to abandon the project because he gets a telephone call announcing that a producer was willing to sign him on as director for his (Parth's) dream project. Although he leaves the unit to return to Bombay so that he can take up the direction of his long-cherished project, he returns to his unit when he realises that abandoning the film as well as the pilgrimage would be wrong on his part. How the 18-day journey changes Parth's outlook and mellows him is revealed in the rest of the drama. more»
Subtitles:Arabic, English
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