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Do Phool| 1973

Do Phool

1973 | 139 min
Mummy called them two 'phool', whilst Daddy said they were two fools! Dewan Bahadu Atal Rai believed that both his sons, Pavitra Kumar (alias Puttan) and Charitra Kumar (also known as Chuttan) were nothing better than loafers and ne'er-do-wells. Their mother Malati stubbornly pinned her faith in Chuttan and Puttan and asserted that they were still mere children. Let us find brides for them, and then watch the results is what she thought! Chuttan was the younger brother. There was a proposal of marriage for him with Shaila, daughter of the lawyer Vardhraj, who was also a practicing Vaid. Puttan accompanied his younger brother when the latter visited the house of his proposed bride. Both brothers approved of the match. Puttan had already his own plans, and his heart's desire was Poonam' daughter of Inspector Madhusudhan. Unfortunately, the path of love is never smooth, and in desperation both brothers decided to bury themselves alive in a 'Prem Samadhi' unless Shaila and Poonam accepted their hands. This public exhibition of their love enraged their father, who took the extreme step and turned them out of his house. Still hoping to win the hearts of their beloved, Chuttan and Puttan hatch a plot. Saying that he had murdered his brother Puttan, Chuttan rushed to Shaila to seek refuge. The poor girl believed his story, and tried to shield him from prying eyes. Meanwhile, Puttan took to a disguise, which led him to a smuggler's den. The criminals discovered him in their midst, and after knocking him unconscious, he was thrown into a convenient lake. Now Puttan really disappeared, and to his brother Chuttan's ill luck a body floated in the lake on which was found Puttan's identification in the shape of his jacket and watch. Chuttan was wanted for murder! The joke had boomeranged. Puttan's father believed that his son was still alive, a faith shared by Shaila. Puttan's photograph was advertised widely, with a reward offered to anyone reporting his whereabouts. Incidents follow, fast and furious, and the story of "Do Phool" races towards an unexpected climax, providing exhilarating entertainment as laughs and thrills loom as large as life. more»
Subtitles:Arabic, English
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Ye Stupid Pyaar| 2011

Ye Stupid Pyaar

2011 | 106 min
Abhishek Khurana, the only son of a rich business man - handsome and hardworking is well settled in USA dreams of marrying an INDIAN GIRL.. On his visit to India he meets, NEHA DALVI who takes classes for salsa and yoga and lives with her father... Abhishek joins the Salsa classes leaving no opportunities to be closer to her and cherish every moment that they spend together as friends. As time goes by, one fine day, Abhsihek proposes Neha and they exchange the vows.... On their first wedding night, Neha breaks down emotionally for the fact of leaving her Dad alone and go to US in such a short span. Abhishek expresses his concern and as a gesture of true love, decides to join his Bangkok office instead and offers Neha to celebrate their first wedding night at their new destination - THAILAND - to be flown the next day.... Life becomes so sweet and adorable, everything gets going smoothly as Abhishek reaches home from his first day of office and gets a very passionate first night gift from Neha. Destiny plays its part and things take a turn when the life of Abhishek and Neha is disturbed under circumstances beyond their control. Abhishek meets Simran and his friend multiplex who gets involved in bringing them out of the situation. Though Simran always had feelings for Abhishek, since their college days of which Abhishek was always unaware... while she helps him in all the possible ways she could. Simran seeks help of her dear friend Multiplex and their extensive search for Neha begins. What goes through the lives of Abhishek, Neha and Simran is the explanation to their confusion about love. Is Love so simple... or is it so Stupid? more»
Subtitles:English, Chinese
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Mummy Punjabi| 2011

Mummy Punjabi

2011 | 121 min
Babyji a.k.a Mummyji (Kirron Kher) is a modern mother who lives in Chandigarh with her husband (Kanwaljeet) and their three adult children. While she gives full freedom to her young daughter (Simran), Mummyji is rather protective of her two sons. One son (Sachin Sharma) is a doctor and the other (Viraf Patel), a restaurateur. Mummyji dreams of marrying off the doctor-son to an NRI girl, while she wants a homely girl for the other son. In spite of her husband's pleas, she gives her daughter a free hand to do whatever she wants. A Sikh bachelor (Jackie Shroff), who was Mummyji's college classmate, stays close to their house and often visits the family. Her husband takes this in good humour as he is also friends with the bachelor. A maid (Divya Dutta) is the gossipmonger of the housing society. Soon, Mummyji finds suitable brides for her two sons. To her surprise, the bride, who seems to fit into her criteria for her daughters-in-law, reveal their true colours after marriage. While her homely daughter-in-law breaks into an outrageous dance at her other son's wedding, her NRI daughter-in-law turns out to be a cheat, who was trying to swindle the family! However, life soon returns to normalcy as the daughter-in-laws come around. Next, Mummyji also discovers that her son has actually been operating a night-club and had lied to her about running a restaurant. Mummyji is aghast but takes it in her stride. Soon, both her sons and their wives leave for the US for better prospects. An ageing Mummyji and husband are left behind alone with the daughter. Mummyji's bachelor-friend also gets married. Even her daughter finds a good suitor and marries him. What happens next? Does Mummyji continue living life as she always has, or does her life changes? What about her children and their spouses? more»
Subtitles:English, Arabic
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