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Shirshendur Diary| 2015

Shirshendur Diary

2015 | 130 min
The decline of the 34 yrs domination of the Communist Party in West Bengal was shortly preceded by an intolerable political turmoil, to which a famous Theatre and Film director Shirshendu Ray falls victim. The Situation worsens when his close friend - a dramatist and film producer - Firoz Ahemd is killed. Already mentally depressed, Mr. Ray is shocked by this tragic incident. As the political turmoil continues with hundreds of processions on the roads, every day the news reveals the death of an innocent countryman. While Bengal carries on her drastic, horrible daily life Mr. Ray gets incredibly depressed and has to be forcibly taken to a mental asylum. After a long treatment in the asylum, Mr. Ray becomes stable but one day goes missing from the asylum. The government takes over from this situation the starting of the tale. Many days later at a desolate railway station far away from the city, a relinquished bag is found which is later handed over to the police. Later this bag reveals a diary proving that the bag belongs to the missing director. The allotted investigation officer works on this case for many days & nights. Later he asks the wife of Mr. Ray and one of his students from the drama group to meet at Mr. Ray s house. The officer starts reading the diary in front of the wife and the student revealing the causes and the events responsible for Mr. Ray going missing. As we go on listening or rather seeing the tale we realize how Shirshendu s wife, his student, we spectators and political and non-political personalities forcibly expelled him from society, directly and indirectly. Directed by Sudipta Dey & Produced by Sudipta Dey, the film stars Soumitra Chatterjee, Meghna Halder, Debraj Roy in lead roles with a musical score by Puranjoy Guha. more»
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Love Possible| 2012

Love Possible

2012 | 126 min
Srishti Shetty is unemployed girl halled from Mangalore. She comes to Mumbai city and is staying with her cousin Priya. Priya is employed as personal Secretary for two years. Her theory is that the efficient lady secretary is one who marries her boss at the earliest. So she has a mission of marrying her boss. Srishti is not interested in Priya's theory Priya recommends Srishti to become a secretary. Somehow Srishti is trying to learn & understand the secretary ship and its responsibility from Priya. She makes up her Mind to become a personal secretary. Gaurav Jaitly is a young business man, who is handling a family business. His father Rajender Jaitly died some years back & mother died lately. He was forced to look after the business at a young age, when he is enjoying his youth. Gaurav is basically mamma's boy. He is interested in enjoying himself along with his best friend Vinay Patel listening to music and dancing. Vinay takes undue advantage of Gaurav's innocence. Every time Vinay visit's Gaurav he takes some financial help from Gaurav. He uses Gaurav's office for his enjoyment and they don't want to be disturbed. So Vinay suggest Gaurav to hire a Personal Secretary, Gaurav likes the ides and subsequently Srishti gest a job as a Personal secretary of Mr. Gaurav. Srishti in due course comes to know that Vinay is taking undue advantage of Gaurav Innocence's. She try's to exploit Vinay and reveal his realty to Gaurav. Priya is trying her best to convince Srishti to follow her idea of marrying the boss. Srishti some how convinced by Priya and follows her footsteps. Gaurav falls in love with Srishti and wants t marry her. Meanwhile for some reasons Priya resigns from her employment. Vinriya as to why ay is also interested to hire a personal secretary. As Priya was unemployed & qualified she gest the job. Meanwhile Vinay comes to know the intentions behind Srishti and Pthey have become secretaries. Will Vinay ell Gaurav of Srishti and Priya's intention? Will Gaurav throw Srishti out his life? more»
Subtitles:Arabic, English
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Okkadu| 2003
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