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Arjun Aamar Naam| 2003

Arjun Aamar Naam

2003 | 146 min
a small, mischievous boy named Arjun. He stays with his widowed mother. He is extremely bold and daring and is loved by all. He stays at his uncle's house but he has royal blood as his father was the local Zamindar's son who was disowned by his father when he married Arjun's mother without informing the family. Everybody calls upon him in times of need for help and he does that without any complain. The local party is headed by miser, Holodhor whose daughter Rani and Arjun are lovers much to her father's dismay. He sends out men to find a perfect suitor for his only daughter. Meanwhile the oppression of the opposition party leader, Naren Pal and his son Vikram, started getting out of hand and as the representative of the villagers, Arjun takes up the duty of teaching Vikram a rightful lesson for his misdeed and does that. Meanwhile, mischievous Arjun devises a plan and declares the villagers that the Zamindar had announced prize money of 50 lakhs rupees to the best person who works for village's welfare. This fuels Heliodor's enthusiasm in taking care of the village and serving the villagers.Meanwhile Naren Pal also in order to win the prize money starts working for the welfare of the village.Electricity is brought by one side while the other side brings tube wells at every road. Slowly the village sees a never seen before improvement. But then the truth comes out driving both the parties against Arjun. They send out people to beat up Arjun. The news reaches to the Zamindar who realises Arjun is his own grandson. The game ends, when neither of the parties but as per Arjun's wish ,the money is given to the village school master. The Zamindar embraces Arjun and his mother with open arms. Rani and Arjun get married. more»
Subtitles:Arabic, English
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Amar Kantak| 1986

Amar Kantak

1986 | 137 min
Debesh's younger brother Binu goes missing for a long while. He goes from place to place searching for him but in vain. In the end he gets to know of a mataji of a certain ashram in a village who could be of help. He decides to meet her. But Mataji denies any knowledge of the young man. Debesh pesters her as he feels that she is hiding something. Mataji decides to narrate the story. She dates back to the time when her father was the zamindar of the village and her mother was a devotee of God. The zamindar's torture was so tremendous that the villagers were anguished. His two daughters were Urmi and Promi. The elder daughter was like her mother while the younger daughter s attitude was like her father's. Promi fell in love with the new overseer of the village who does not reciprocate. He also declines to approve the decree of the zamindar. The overseer and Urmi see each other and fall in love. They get married. In the meantime Urmi's mother, in a fleet of fury and agony kills her husband and then commits suicide. Promi feels that his brother in law is the reason and decides to avenge her parent s death. She accuses him of molesting her. Urmi is shattered. She leaves him and goes away forever. Her husband becomes hysterical and starts driving fast. He meets with an accident and Promi dies. Urmi manages to save her husband but he is crippled. Debesh is overjoyed to find out that Urmi's husband is his brother Binu. more»
Subtitles:Arabic, English
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