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Kareeb| 1998


1998 | 155 min
Birju is a young man from an upper-middle-class family in Himachal Pradesh. His father insists on him being responsible, while Birju is interested in petty theft, lies, and romancing a beautiful young woman named Neha. Neha is a simple, beautiful, and responsible girl from a poor family. Eventually they both fall in love post a lot of chasing and romancing. Birju's father does not want Birju to marry into a poor family but Birju lies that Nehas's uncle is rich and arranges their wedding. Birju steals money from his home and pretends that the money has been sent by Neha's uncle. However on the night of the wedding, Birju's father discovers the truth and calls off the wedding. Neha's mother, unable to withstand this emotional setback, suffers a heart attack. When Birju meets Neha, she is very sad for her mother and also very angry at Birju for lying. Neha takes a promise from Birju that he would never show his face again. Neha takes her mother to a Shimla hospital in an ambulance. Birju follows her. To stay close to her, Birju finds a job at a laundry shop. He also happens to meet an unlce and aunty who takes him and treats him as their own son and is ready to help him whenever and however possible. Once when Birju makes inquiries about Neha's mother, he is told by the receptionist that Neha's mother needs an immediate operation and it will be very expensive. Neha tries to contact Birju for help but is not able to reach him. Birju is cheated by uncle and aunty who promise him to help him win a lottery if he could arrange for a bribe for some officials. Helpless Birju steals the money from Bhigelal, the laundry owner to pay for the surgery. Birju's family realizes Birju's loves for Neha and decides to support their son in Simla. They visit Simla and payback the laundry owner. Neha comes to know that Birju helped her and wants to meet him. And the live happily ever after together. more»
Subtitles:English, Arabic
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Mission Kashmir| 2000

Mission Kashmir

2000 | 150 min
Inayat Khan is the Senior Superintendent of Police responsible for the security of Srinagar, Kashmir. One day, his young son Irfaan meets with an accident and is taken to a hospital. Unfortunately, due to a fatwa instigated by the leader of a terrorist group forbidding doctors to treat policemen, the doctors refuse to treat Irfaan. As a result, Irfaan dies, and Khan personally swears to put an end to the threat of the terrorist group. Khan finds the terrorist group and kills them but in the crossfire kills members of a family leaving a young boy Altaf as the only survivor. Khan s wife insists on adopting him having lost her own son and Khan reluctantly agrees. As Altaaf realises that Khan was responsible for his family s death, he tries to kill him. But after a failed attempt, runs away and joins a terrorist group where he is trained by their Pathan leader Hilal Kohistani. Ten years later, Hilal and an adult Altaaf are assigned the task of completing "Mission Kashmir," killing the Indian prime minister. Meanwhile, Altaaf visits his childhood friend and TV personality Sufiya Parvez and, though he falls in love with her and helps her, he still uses her to try and make Hilal's plans successful by blowing out the local TV tower of Srinagar. In an attempt to kill khan Altaaf ends up killing Neelima. then start a cat and mouse chase between Khan & Altaaf with Hilaal. With Sufiya, Khan discovers the true plan of Mission Kashmir which is to launch missiles on the local Muslim mosque and the local Hindu temple to escalate Hindu-Muslim conflict across the subcontinent, thereby dividing Kashmir and turning it into a war zone. Will Khan be able to stop this in time and win over Altaaf once again as his son? more»
Subtitles:English, Arabic
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Ek Aur Ekk Gyaraah| 1981

Ek Aur Ekk Gyaraah

1981 | 149 min
Its a fun masala romp with generous helpings of the recommended masala allowance. There is fiesty Hirni (Zarina Wahab) who wears backless cholis and sells liquor while her smoking hot boy-friend Jaamlia (Vinod Khanna) languishes in prison. Then there is the college-going Rekha (a very subdued Neetu Singh) whose attachment to Hamlet is exemplary -- she goes to bed with it! Her hair goes from shoulder length to waist length in the space of a few moments. Perhaps that is why a visiting drunkard -- Anand (Shashi Kapoor) -- falls for her and stalks her in a bordering-on-harassment song sequence. Mahendranath (Bharat Bhushan) is a rich and lonely old man with a smarmy new manager Dilip Singh (Prem Chopra). Mahendranath had a much younger brother Rajen (the annoying kid from Fakira) - a wilful brat who left home one day, never to be heard of again. Instead of heaving a sigh of "good riddance", Mahendranath keeps hoping Rajen will return. Taking advantage of the old man's hopes, Dilip hires an unemployed youth (Raza Murad), to impersonate the lost-and-now-grown-up Rajen. Mahendranath happily hands over all his property to "Rajen" and is promptly murdered by Prem. "Rajen" himself is bumped off later.Things get more complicated with new twists and thrills at every turn. Someone is sending Dilip threatening letters about Mahendranath's murder. Jaamlia is fighting off goons who land like flies in Shaitan Chowki to evict the residents. Anand makes a pact with Dilip to get Shaitan Chowki vacated. But is he tricking the residents or Dilip? While all this is happening, Rekha is mysteriously absent from the scene. more»
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