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Innale| 1990


1990 | 129 min
Gauri (Shobhana), is found as an injured victim of a bus accident, during her travel to religious places, throughout India. She is taken to a hospital in Mercara, Karnataka, where the doctor declares that she has amnesia due to the accident, and has forgotten herself and her past, which gives the film its apt title "Innale" meaning "yesterday". Gauri, forgets her larger past and starts to move with courage, towards her new-found self, after struggling within herself, asking questions. She also meets malicious people who claim to be her well-wishers, taking advantage of her vulnerability. She fights them with the help of the brave Mr. Sharath Menon (Jayaram), who protects her during the transition to become the new Maya. Dr. Sandhya (Srividya) who treated Gauri, is also Sharath's mother. She too comforts Gauri and allows her to become Maya. Though she does worry about, what is to follow. Sandhya decides to meet anyone who claim to be Gauri's family, so that she could help out Gauri who is now Maya. Sharath brings actors to make Dr. Sandhya believe that Gauri has parents, to get his mother's consent to marry Gauri with whom he has deeply fallen in love with. Sandhya has no other choice than to leave, the young lovers to their own fate. A screenshot from the film Meanwhile Dr. Narendran (Suresh Gopi), Gauri's husband, who is a scientist by profession working in the US, starts to search for his lost wife. After much searching with all his friends and resources he finally gets information about a girl who was an accident victim on a hill station. He calls Sandhya during her birthday party, where the doctor also announces the engagement of Maya with her son, Sharath. Sandhya is shocked and informs her son about Dr. Narendran's phone call. Narendran reminiscences memories of the beautiful days spent with his lovely wife Gauri. The three main characters meet at last in an old house covered in mist, on a haunting valley. The scene talks for itself in silence, where Narendran passes the mist only to find the completely transformed Gauri. He becomes speechless after seeing his wife, who watch and talk to him like a complete stranger. He decides that she has indeed become a new person and it would be unfair to bring her more sorrow by revealing the truth that she is his wife. Tears fill his sad eyes, unable to believe she failed to recognise him. The final dialogue where Sharath happily asks "So she is not the person you were looking for, right? " to which Narendran answers, no by only shaking his head, is a heart wrenching moment. He understands that Sharath and Maya are deeply in love with each other and leaves in haste. The last scene shows the bewildered Maya and Sharath staring at him, leaving so abruptly, without drinking the tea she made. Narendran's sadness is forever, but will Maya regain her past, unanswered questions remain lurking in the mist around. The film warns us about how life can change almost unapologetically. Change can be such a boon to many and a horrible disaster to many others. The role of suresh gopi critically acclaimed and still remember by kerala audience. more»
Subtitles:Arabic, English
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Vijetha Vikram| 1987

Vijetha Vikram

1987 | 144 min
Rudra Bhupathi a dictator of an estate, treats his entire villagers as slaves. Vikram a young and energetic guy enters to the estate who always faces against Rudra Bhupathi's wickedness and gets closer to villagers. Usha Rudra Bhupathi's only daughter also likes Vikram's attitude and both of them fall in love. A mad woman Bharathi roams all over the estate without recognizing herself, one day Vikram comes to know that mad woman is his mother and there is some suspicious link between her madness and Rudra Bhupathi. Meanwhile, Shishupal grandson of adjacent estate owner comes from foreign and he wants to marry Usha. Shishupal wants to remove Vikram from his way, so he plans an attack on Vikram in that quarrel Bharathi is injured and gets her memory back. Vikram asks his mother actually what happened then she reveals their past. Vikram's father Pratap Rao (Ranganath) was a forest officer who always comes in between to the Rudra Bhupathi's illegal activities in the estate, that why he killed him and also tried to kill Bharathi and Vikram in that attack Bharathi is injured keeping Vikram in safe-zone, but she lost her memory. Listening to all this now Vikram decides to take revenge against Rudra Bhupathi. At the same time Shishupal rapes an innocent village girl Gowri and keeps the blame 0n Vikram, everyone believes it including Usha because Gowri lost her conscious and not able to recognize the person who raped her. Usha gets ready to marry Shishupal, at the time marriage, Rudra Bhupathi comes to know that Shishipal double-crossed him, who is a cheat and not the original grandson of the estate owner. Simultaneously Gowri comes to conscious and reveals the entire truth and sacrifices her life to protect Vikram. Shishupal and his men attack Rudra Bhupathi and villager's and kidnaps Usha, Vikram protects her and sees the end of Shishupal even Rudra Bhupathi admits his mistake and movie ends with the marriage of Vikram and Usha. more»
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