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Chaurahen-Crossroads| 2007


2007 | 87 min
Chaurahen - Crossroads is an evocative and poignant composition consisting of three separate stories set in three different cities in contemporary India. Each revolves around love, life, and loss. The first story enters straight into the heart of Farooq (Ankur Khanna) and Ira's (Soha Ali Khan) relationship in Mumbai. Farooq remains troubled by his own inability to let go of the memories of his dead parents in his ancestral which he continues to occupy and use as the disturbing muse for his own writing. So deeply ensconced in being haunted by his own past, Farooq appears incapable of fully living in the present, to the extent to which he proves powerless in responding to the possibility of sharing true love with Ira.\n\nIn Kolkatta, the second vignette revolves around Dr. Siddharth Bose (Victor Banerjee), a wealthy Calcutta surgeon in his fifties. Dr. Bose's is stuck in the rut of a loveless, pitiful, and seemingly pointless marriage which he attempts to rattle by embarking on a quick, nervous and uncomfortable affair with a much younger woman. His lover, Lea (Keira Chaplin), is a German on her own journey to discover India, and to some extent herself. Their passionate yet tormented romance lays the groundwork for Dr. Bose and his wife (Roopa Ganguly) to repair their relationship while Dr. Bose simultaneously self-destructs his nascent, doomed affair.\n\nThe third and final story occurs in the south Indian city of Kochi where the Nair family confronts the sudden loss of a nuclear family member who died serving in the Indian military. One of the Nair children, Naveen (Karthik Kumar), returns from Vienna to try and reconcile the harsh, lonely reality of his brother Keshi's (Shayan Munshi) death with his own inability to connect with his personal and familial history in India and his present predicament of having to feign a relationship with a woman to conceal his love for a man in Europe. more»
Subtitles:Arabic, English
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Pathey Holo Deri| 1957

Pathey Holo Deri

1957 | 126 min
Jayanta Mukherjee is a hard-working young doctor who belongs to a middle class family and prefers to live by his means. Mallika is the only grand-daughter of the rich aristrocrat Sripati and is known for her beautiful voice and charming personality. As they meet, interact and time progresses, a strong bond of friendship and love is developed between them. However Sripati is against this relation because he has already decided to give Mallika s hand in marriage to Pramatesh, a rich lawyer. Besides he does not count Jayanta as someone who could match upto his status. Jayanta works hard day and night as he wishes to earn enough money to pursue further studies abroad. Mallika offers to give her dead mother s jewellery to Jayanta so that he can earn the required degree abroad which would in turn make Sripati accept their relation. After much hesitation, Jayanti takes it and sets off for England. Sripati takes the advantage of the situation and creates misunderstanding between them. He intercepts all the letters which Jayanta sends Mallika and tells him that Mallika was already married to Pramatesh and living happily. To Mallika he tells that Jayanta is a fraud whose only aim was to get money out of her. In England, Jayanta meets Arati, his patient. Arati develops a soft corner for him but Jayanta does not reciprocate. Jayanta returns to India. One day he is requested by Arati to nurse her niece s singing teacher as she was suffering from prolonged illness. Jayanta finds out that she is none other than Mallika. He comes to know that she had fled from her grandfather s house and never got married. Jayanta shows her the letters and it is proven that Sripati was the reason for the miscommunication. They get together once again. more»
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