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Zamane Se Kya Darna| 1994

Zamane Se Kya Darna

1994 | 157 min
Virendra Singh lives wealthy lifestyle in Bombay, India, along with his wife, Shalini and son, Vikram. He gambles on Diwali, loses all his money, borrows a large amount from his friend, Gajendra Singh, ends up losing this too, and returns home along with Gajendra and his brother to try and repay as much as he can. When Gajendra's brother attempts to molest Shalini, Virendra kills him and flees. He boards a bus which meets with an accident, leaving only two survivors - himself and a young heiress named Anju. He adopts her, looks after her estate and assumes a new name, Sardar Rajpal and becomes wealthy over time. Years later Anju has grown up and finds out about her foster father's tragic story and decides to try and re-unite this family. She posts two advertisements in Bombay's newspapers, to hire an Estate Manager, as well as asking for the whereabouts of Shalini and Vikram. Little does she know that she has opened up a Pandora's box for the advertisements were read by none other than Gajendra and his son, Shakti, who are well aware that Virendra's wife and son had both perished in a fire that engulfed their residence on that very night - and now they are poised to re-enter Virendra's life - with Shakti re-naming himself Vikram with a view of marrying Anju, inheriting her wealth and then the duo plan to kill Virendra to avenge the death of their brother and uncle respectively. more»
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Himmatvar| 1996


1996 | 149 min
After spending ten years in prison, Sultan Bhai (Dharmendra) once an uncrowned king of Bombay is released from the jail and starts living peaceful life in the hearts of Basti people. Damodar Kangley alias D.K. (Mohan Joshi) who was a right hand man of Sultan, is now become the terror of the town. He has taken over Sultan's place D.K. wants to get the same Basti vacated where Sultan lives. Thus a big tussel starts between them.In the meantime Rajeshwar Singh (Mukesh Khanna) an old friend of Sultan is transferred to Bombay as an A.C.P. (A.T.S.) to control the fast increasing criminal activities in the city. Rajeshwar's brother Jai (Hitesh) is doing his police training in Nasik Police Academy. His beloved Anjali (Rubaina Khan) is daughter of D.C.P. Shrikant. To remove Sultan form his way, D.K. entangles him in a murder case. Sultan is arrested. Rajeswhar Singh arrests Munna, younger brother of D.K. on doubt and encounters him. D.K. goes mad. In retaliation he kills Rajeshwar's wife and daughter and shoots at his leg to make him handicapped. Jai, for whom the world became meaningless, sets foot in Bombay. He joins D.K.'s gang hiding his real identity, in order to take revenge of this Bhabi and niece. Sultan also escapes from jail and he too vows to destroy D.K's world. At a juncture D.K. gets to know the real identity of Jai. And Jai runs for his life. D.K. and his gangsters are out to kill him and his wife. more»
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Kareeb| 1998


1998 | 155 min
Birju is a young man from an upper-middle-class family in Himachal Pradesh. His father insists on him being responsible, while Birju is interested in petty theft, lies, and romancing a beautiful young woman named Neha. Neha is a simple, beautiful, and responsible girl from a poor family. Eventually they both fall in love post a lot of chasing and romancing. Birju's father does not want Birju to marry into a poor family but Birju lies that Nehas's uncle is rich and arranges their wedding. Birju steals money from his home and pretends that the money has been sent by Neha's uncle. However on the night of the wedding, Birju's father discovers the truth and calls off the wedding. Neha's mother, unable to withstand this emotional setback, suffers a heart attack. When Birju meets Neha, she is very sad for her mother and also very angry at Birju for lying. Neha takes a promise from Birju that he would never show his face again. Neha takes her mother to a Shimla hospital in an ambulance. Birju follows her. To stay close to her, Birju finds a job at a laundry shop. He also happens to meet an unlce and aunty who takes him and treats him as their own son and is ready to help him whenever and however possible. Once when Birju makes inquiries about Neha's mother, he is told by the receptionist that Neha's mother needs an immediate operation and it will be very expensive. Neha tries to contact Birju for help but is not able to reach him. Birju is cheated by uncle and aunty who promise him to help him win a lottery if he could arrange for a bribe for some officials. Helpless Birju steals the money from Bhigelal, the laundry owner to pay for the surgery. Birju's family realizes Birju's loves for Neha and decides to support their son in Simla. They visit Simla and payback the laundry owner. Neha comes to know that Birju helped her and wants to meet him. And the live happily ever after together. more»
Subtitles:English, Arabic
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