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Ye Stupid Pyaar| 2011

Ye Stupid Pyaar

2011 | 106 min
Abhishek Khurana, the only son of a rich business man - handsome and hardworking is well settled in USA dreams of marrying an INDIAN GIRL.. On his visit to India he meets, NEHA DALVI who takes classes for salsa and yoga and lives with her father... Abhishek joins the Salsa classes leaving no opportunities to be closer to her and cherish every moment that they spend together as friends. As time goes by, one fine day, Abhsihek proposes Neha and they exchange the vows.... On their first wedding night, Neha breaks down emotionally for the fact of leaving her Dad alone and go to US in such a short span. Abhishek expresses his concern and as a gesture of true love, decides to join his Bangkok office instead and offers Neha to celebrate their first wedding night at their new destination - THAILAND - to be flown the next day.... Life becomes so sweet and adorable, everything gets going smoothly as Abhishek reaches home from his first day of office and gets a very passionate first night gift from Neha. Destiny plays its part and things take a turn when the life of Abhishek and Neha is disturbed under circumstances beyond their control. Abhishek meets Simran and his friend multiplex who gets involved in bringing them out of the situation. Though Simran always had feelings for Abhishek, since their college days of which Abhishek was always unaware... while she helps him in all the possible ways she could. Simran seeks help of her dear friend Multiplex and their extensive search for Neha begins. What goes through the lives of Abhishek, Neha and Simran is the explanation to their confusion about love. Is Love so simple... or is it so Stupid? more»
Subtitles:Arabic, English, Chinese
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Mission Kashmir| 2000

Mission Kashmir

2000 | 150 min
Inayat Khan is the Senior Superintendent of Police responsible for the security of Srinagar, Kashmir. One day, his young son Irfaan meets with an accident and is taken to a hospital. Unfortunately, due to a fatwa instigated by the leader of a terrorist group forbidding doctors to treat policemen, the doctors refuse to treat Irfaan. As a result, Irfaan dies, and Khan personally swears to put an end to the threat of the terrorist group. Khan finds the terrorist group and kills them but in the crossfire kills members of a family leaving a young boy Altaf as the only survivor. Khan s wife insists on adopting him having lost her own son and Khan reluctantly agrees. As Altaaf realises that Khan was responsible for his family s death, he tries to kill him. But after a failed attempt, runs away and joins a terrorist group where he is trained by their Pathan leader Hilal Kohistani. Ten years later, Hilal and an adult Altaaf are assigned the task of completing "Mission Kashmir," killing the Indian prime minister. Meanwhile, Altaaf visits his childhood friend and TV personality Sufiya Parvez and, though he falls in love with her and helps her, he still uses her to try and make Hilal's plans successful by blowing out the local TV tower of Srinagar. In an attempt to kill khan Altaaf ends up killing Neelima. then start a cat and mouse chase between Khan & Altaaf with Hilaal. With Sufiya, Khan discovers the true plan of Mission Kashmir which is to launch missiles on the local Muslim mosque and the local Hindu temple to escalate Hindu-Muslim conflict across the subcontinent, thereby dividing Kashmir and turning it into a war zone. Will Khan be able to stop this in time and win over Altaaf once again as his son? more»
Subtitles:Arabic, English
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