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Saawariya - Khatu Shyam Ji Ki Amar Gatha| 2013

Saawariya - Khatu Shyam Ji Ki Amar Gatha

2013 | 123 min
Tara Chand (Mukesh Khanna) has two children - a daughter named Meera (Sara Khan) and a son. The whole family believes in Khatu Shyam ji and lives happily in Rajasthan. Meera gets married to Prem (Ashmit Patel), the son of Kishan Chand, a big businessman, and has a wife named Shanti Devi (Suhasini Mullay), another son named Pratap (Aman Verma ) whose wife is Rani ( Saadhika Randhawa). He also has a daughter named Khushi (Payal Kapoor) and her husband is Nagesh (Shakti Kapoor). All the members of the family live together. Shanti Devi, who only believes in his guru Piramal Baba Ji and does not allow another god to enter her house, fights with Meera the very first day and does not allow her to keep the photo of Shyam Ji in the temple of the house. Meera cries as a fight between faith and belief begins. Shanti Devi goes completely against Meera. Meanwhile, the elder son Pratap and the son in law Nagesh manipulate and take Kishan Chand's signature to take over the entire will and the business of their family in their hands. Pratap and Prem have fought and Shanti Devi kicks Prem and Meera out of the house. Prem, with the help of his father-in-law Kishan Chand, starts a new life and in no time becomes a success in his business, while the son-in-law distrusts the reputation of the company and the fight within the family reaches its peak. How the family of Kishan Chand is ruined by disbelieving and humiliating the power of god and how god shows his miracle by making them realize their mistakes is the story of this movie. more»
Subtitles:Arabic, English
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