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Mrugaya| 1989


1989 | 141 min
The story takes place in a hillside village, terrorised by the frequent attacks of a man-eating leopard. Tired of waiting for help from the authorities, the villagers under Reverend Father Panangodan (Thilakan) and Philipose Muthalali (Jagannatha Varma) decide to hire a hunter. The hunter whom they wanted had recently died, so his son Varunni (Mammootty) is summoned to the village. The uncultured life of Varunni soon became a headache for the village. The villagers try to avoid the drunkard hunter from their lives. However, a women named Bhagyalakshmi (Sunitha) (whose mother was killed by the leopard) befriends Varunni. This relation makes Thomaskutty (Mahesh), who is in love with Bhagyalakshmi, jealous. Seeing Varunni talking to Bhagyalakshmi, Thomaskutty gets angry and starts fighting with the hunter. In the fight Thomaskutty accidentally slips and falls from the top of the cliff. Varunni feels responsible for the death of Thomaskutty and confesses secretly to Reverend Father Panangodan. Father Panangodan realises the big heart inside the hunter. He decides to protect Varunni despite the objections from the villagers and arranges a livelihood for him. Varunni gradually starts to help the villagers and the family of Thomaskutty. The villagers also develop a soft corner for the hunter. Meanwhile, the leopard again comes to the village and Varunni fails to kill it. The leopard escapes with a wound. The preparations of the betrothal of Thomaskutty's sister Annamma (Urvashi) is going on. But the groom fails to show up at the function. At the directions of Father Panangodan, Varunni decides to marry Annamma. This makes Bhagyalakshmi, who was in love with Varunni, jealous. On the eve of the wedding, she informs Annamma that Varunni had killed her brother Thomaskutty. Varunni gets exposed on the wedding day and flees to his hut. On reaching the hut, Varunni finds his dog barking alarmingly. He concludes that the dog has rabies and kills it. Soon he spots the leopard at the top of his hut and realizes that his dog was actually signalling about the leopard. He manages to kill the leopard with an axe. The villagers celebrate the death of the leopard. However, the police soon arrives and arrests Varunni for murdering Thomaskutty. more»
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Vatsalyam| 1993


1993 | 156 min
Meledathu Raghavan Nair is the only support of a big family that includes his mother, wife Malathi, brother Vijayakumaran Nair, sister Sudha, uncle Kunjammama and his daughter Nalini. After Raghavan Nair s father s death the whole responsibility of the family came upon Raghavan Nair. His father had left with them huge amount of debts which then reached a stage of attachment from court. At that critical juncture it was Nair s uncle Kunjammama who helped them repay the debts by selling his property out of love for Nair s father and his family. Nair s brother Vijayakumaran Nair is studying for LLB. Raghavan Nair has pinged his entire hope on his brother Vijayakumaran Nair and wants to see him as a lawyer. After Vijayakumaran Nair became a lawyer he gets a marriage proposal of a senior advocate s (under whom he practises) daughter. The marriage takes place contrary to the understanding that it is Nalini (daughter of Kunjammama) who is to marry him. However, before the marriage, regarding this matter there was a small clash between him and his brother Raghavan Nair. Since Raghavan Nair felt that he was not being loyal to Kunjammama s daughter Nalini who were to marry Vijayakumaran Nair, he arranges a marriage for her before his brother s marriage. After the marriage Vijayakumaran Nair s wife Sobha tries to dominate the house in each and every matter. There occurs small clashes between her and the family members. Later a marriage proposal for the brother s only sister Sudha arrives for which the bridegroom s family demand large amount of money and gold. In order to meet this Raghavan Nair had to ask the help of his brother who in turn turns for the same to his wife Sobha. Sobha says that she will give the money on the condition that it will be returned and in the family she will be respected. One day when the family sit together for meal Raghavan Nair comes in between straight from the fields to dine with them. This irritates Sobha and she tells that it is unhygienic and she cannot stand the bad odour emanating from the mud-filled Nair. This in turn infuriates Sudha who sees her elder brother insulted. Sobha who takes Sudha s stand in the situation as threatening tries to evade from her earlier stand to give money for Nalini s marriage. However she is ready to help them if only the entire family is ready to bow before her. This Raghavan Nair sees as an insult to the entire family. He then decides to make the entire money by himself. In order to do so he pawns his share of the family wealth and finds money for the marriage. Meanwhile, another egoistic encounter of Sobha with Kunjammama forces him to leave the family. When Raghavan Nair also felt that his stay with his brother would only destroy the entire family, he also leaves the family to a new place, find some land and starts farming. After his brother left Vijayakumaran who is now alienated in the home feels estranged completely. He then meets his father in law (the advocate) who tells him that it was his mistake that he could not control his wife which led to all this. Vijayakumaran Nair then confronts his wife reasons her and slaps her. He then goes to his brother who now stays in a new place and asks him to come back. But Raghavan Nair rejects his brothers request with love and tells him that he is always with him and will come back to home whenever he feels like he should meet his brother. The movie ends with Raghavan Nair cherishing his love for his brother. more»
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