Gangu (Jackie Shroff), Nihal (Kumar Gaurav) and Gary (Javed Jaffery) are all unemployed college dropouts. They live solely on Gary's sister Tini's income from the Chinese Dhaba and survive on their respective dreams. Though their dreams are different, they are a close-knit family, with strong bonds of friendship and trust. Gangu, a Maharashtrian, dreams of settling down with Sanam (Juhi Chawla), and have lots of children. Nihal, a Punjabi, is going steady with Divya (Ekta) and is confident that one day he will be rich and famous. Gary, a Christian, dreams of being Michael Jackson. It's only Tini who desires to see them live a straight life and be practical in their life. Even though they botch up their first job it pays them big money. They start doing similar work and soon gain money, fame and confidence without having to take major risks. They soon widen up and open an office, and name it - GANG.