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Troyee| 1982


1982 | 105 min
Avik, Ranjan and Sima are good friends . Avik's mother loves all of them a lot. Ranjan does not stay with his family because of his step-mother. Avik falls in love with Sima. On the other hand, Ranjan also falls in love with Sima but Sima likes Avik. Both Avik and Ranjan go to Sima's birthday with their parents. In the party Avik's mother faints seeing Mr. Bikash, who was her lover before marriage. A drunkard called Sawta knows about this relation and blackmails him. In the meantime Avik asks Sima to meet him, but when Sima comes Avik is not present and Ranjan comes. Sima goes with Ranjan. Avik comes looking for Sima. When he cannot find her, he goes to a pub where he has a hand fight with some fellows. In the meantime Ranjan proposes and Sima accepts it. Avik has an accident. Avik is taken to the operation theatre, Ranjan gives him his own blood and finally he is saved . Sima goes to see Avik in the hospital where she leaves her purse. In it is a letter meant for Ranjan. Avik proposes to Sima but later discovers that she loves Ranjan. Avik is very disappointed and upset and he has a conversation with his mother. On the other hand Sima's father Bikash asks her to marry Avik but she disagrees. Sima comes to Avik's father and tries to say everything but she cannot. In the meantime Avik comes and says everything. Avik meets Ranjan and they have a conversation between them. Everything is prepared for Sima's marriage with Ranjan. Avik's mother is very sad and feels very sorry for Avik. Eventually the marriage ceremony starts but Avik cannot accept the marriage between his best friend and his love. He move out in his car at a high speed and finally crashes to death. more»
Subtitles:Arabic, English
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