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Allari Pilla| 1992

Allari Pilla

1992 | 134 min
Raju (Suresh) is a taxi driver cum tourist guide down on his luck. Nandini (Meena), a tourist with mental retardation makes her presence in Tirupati and meets Raju, then a series of events are intertwined with the lives of Raju and his friend Nethranandham (Chinna). In the early part of the movie, hilarity ensues in their misguided attempts in getting rid of Nandini. However, Raju and his friend (Chinna) happen to know that she is an escaped mental patient who has a bounty on her safe return. When they find that the bounty has been increasing for a while, they decide to hide Nandini for a while and surrender her to claim the bounty when it gets big enough. They also change her appearance by cutting her long hair short. Nandini reveals her true story to Raju that she was born to her unknown mother and retired Justice Pundarikam (Kaikala Satyanarayana) but is brought up in orphanage. She used to call Justice (Kaikala Satyanarayana) who used to visit her in orphanage as "Sweet Man" unaware of the fact that he was her father. After knowing the fact that he was her father, she obtains the address of her father from her warden and goes to see her father. In the absence of her father, she was drugged and sent to mental asylum by Pundarikam's sons and daughters-in-law. She managed to escape from the asylum and that is how she met Raju. Raju promises to help Nandini and appoints her as housemaid in her father's home. In time, they realize that things are not as they seem, and more complications are unraveled. more»
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