Based in the heart of Lahore, the story takes place in a house full of daughters, headed by the old and conservative Hashmutallah Khan. Grieved that he doesn't even have one son but 7 daughters, Hashmutallah rules with a dominating hand, repressing them at every step. It doesn't help that the eighth child born is a eunuch, who is saved from his father's wrath by a grieving mother and the sisters. They name him Saifi and make him lead a private life away from the eyes of society. In the midst of all this, Zainub - one of Khan's daughter has the courage to speak up and save her family from his irrational behaviour. Back in her home from a broken marriage, she realises to her horror that Saifi has been constantly molested in his place of work. It is now up to Zainub to raise her voice ad to speak up for her family, not just in front of her patriarchal father but also against all of society's perceptions as a whole. Bol questions the worth of a human being, be it a woman or a person born with a birth defect. It questions the authority of reproducing human beings into this world without taking responsibility of acknowledging their worth.