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Troyee| 1982


1982 | 105 min
Avik, Ranjan and Sima are good friends . Avik's mother loves all of them a lot. Ranjan does not stay with his family because of his step-mother. Avik falls in love with Sima. On the other hand, Ranjan also falls in love with Sima but Sima likes Avik. Both Avik and Ranjan go to Sima's birthday with their parents. In the party Avik's mother faints seeing Mr. Bikash, who was her lover before marriage. A drunkard called Sawta knows about this relation and blackmails him. In the meantime Avik asks Sima to meet him, but when Sima comes Avik is not present and Ranjan comes. Sima goes with Ranjan. Avik comes looking for Sima. When he cannot find her, he goes to a pub where he has a hand fight with some fellows. In the meantime Ranjan proposes and Sima accepts it. Avik has an accident. Avik is taken to the operation theatre, Ranjan gives him his own blood and finally he is saved . Sima goes to see Avik in the hospital where she leaves her purse. In it is a letter meant for Ranjan. Avik proposes to Sima but later discovers that she loves Ranjan. Avik is very disappointed and upset and he has a conversation with his mother. On the other hand Sima's father Bikash asks her to marry Avik but she disagrees. Sima comes to Avik's father and tries to say everything but she cannot. In the meantime Avik comes and says everything. Avik meets Ranjan and they have a conversation between them. Everything is prepared for Sima's marriage with Ranjan. Avik's mother is very sad and feels very sorry for Avik. Eventually the marriage ceremony starts but Avik cannot accept the marriage between his best friend and his love. He move out in his car at a high speed and finally crashes to death. more»
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Subho Muharat| 2003

Subho Muharat

2003 | 154 min
The phrase "Shubho Mahurat" is associated with the beginning of shooting for a feature film. The first shot is marked by a grand reception. This Miss Marple-esque film begins with this event. An NRI producer, Padmini Chowdhury (Sharmila Tagore), has come to India to invest in a film. Her second husband Sambit Roy (Sumanta Mukherjee), an out-of-work director, is assigned the job of direction. The out-of-work director has a shady past. A witness to his shady past is an aspiring actor, who was subsequently thrown out of the acting circuit. This actor started a catering service for the film unit. The NRI producer insists on casting a retired actress, Kakoli (Kalyani Mandal) in a prominent role. Kakoli, a drug addict, subsequently dies under mysterious circumstances, on the day of 'Shubho Mahurat'. The journalist Mallika Sen (Nandita Das) is the only person present at the time of the death. The suspicion naturally falls on the husband of the actress, who reportedly has an amorous relationship with another lady. The unnatural death of the actress causes a police investigation. An IPS officer named Arindam (Tota Roy Chowdhury) takes up the investigation. During the course of investigation, Arindam befriends Mallika. Meanwhile, Mallika catches the fancy of a still photographer named Jojo (Anindya Chatterjee) who, incidentally, is closely related to the NRI producer. This NRI producer had a past no less interesting than the other protagonists. The NRI producer was an actress of repute in her heyday. She divorced her husband and left the country to settle abroad. Before that, she had given birth to an abnormal child. The course of the film reveales that she bore a grudge against Kakoli for spreading a contagious disease to her while she was pregnant, resulting in the abnormal child. Another amorous affair runs parallel to the main theme: The camera assistant was repenting for his past affair with the hairdresser. The hairdresser has her problems and she was extracting money very often from the camera assistant. All through the movie, the aunt of the journalist, Ranga Pishima (Raakhee), gives vital leads to the investigation through deductive logic. She is able to read the mind of the niece correctly. Her valuable inputs finally leads to solve the murder mystery. more»
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Shirshendur Diary| 2015

Shirshendur Diary

2015 | 130 min
The decline of the 34 yrs domination of the Communist Party in West Bengal was shortly preceded by an intolerable political turmoil, to which a famous Theatre and Film director Shirshendu Ray falls victim. The Situation worsens when his close friend - a dramatist and film producer - Firoz Ahemd is killed. Already mentally depressed, Mr. Ray is shocked by this tragic incident. As the political turmoil continues with hundreds of processions on the roads, every day the news reveals the death of an innocent countryman. While Bengal carries on her drastic, horrible daily life Mr. Ray gets incredibly depressed and has to be forcibly taken to a mental asylum. After a long treatment in the asylum, Mr. Ray becomes stable but one day goes missing from the asylum. The government takes over from this situation the starting of the tale. Many days later at a desolate railway station far away from the city, a relinquished bag is found which is later handed over to the police. Later this bag reveals a diary proving that the bag belongs to the missing director. The allotted investigation officer works on this case for many days & nights. Later he asks the wife of Mr. Ray and one of his students from the drama group to meet at Mr. Ray s house. The officer starts reading the diary in front of the wife and the student revealing the causes and the events responsible for Mr. Ray going missing. As we go on listening or rather seeing the tale we realize how Shirshendu s wife, his student, we spectators and political and non-political personalities forcibly expelled him from society, directly and indirectly. Directed by Sudipta Dey & Produced by Sudipta Dey, the film stars Soumitra Chatterjee, Meghna Halder, Debraj Roy in lead roles with a musical score by Puranjoy Guha. more»
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Nagpash| 1987


1987 | 136 min
The movie starts with Bijaya Dashami, the last day of Durgapuja. The annual boat race takes place. Protagonist Nakul and his friends win the competition. The villagers cheer with mass jubilation. Manmatha, the villain says that the festival is an ill omen. The villain, Manmatha is jealous of Nakul and doesn t leave any opportunity to ridicule Nakul to decrease his popularity in the village. Ramen, Manmatha's son who aspires to be a political havyweight, wins confidence of Nakul by raising high hopes in the villages and luring them with false promises. However Ramen s fa ade doesn t last long as he fails to maintain his image. Manmatha finally succeeds in getting Nakul trapped on charge of possessing illegal gold and gets him arrested. Manmatha strikes a fatal deal with Nakul. He promises to get Nakul released by influencing the administration but Nakul has to leave the village within a day s time. Defeated and devastated Nakul takes a boat to sail away forever. Padma, the wronged vilage girl spots Nakul floating away in tiny boat. She shouts and asks Nakul to come back as the fight against evil is not over yet. Nakul notices his friends arrayed along the bamb ready to join another Dashami boat race. Padma's persuasion and his companions expectant faces awaken Nakul out of his stupor. Finally, Nakul, the hero rushes forward to face the challenge along with his comrades. more»
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