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Manathai Thirudivithaai| 2001

Manathai Thirudivithaai

2001 | 151 min
Deva and Shruti study in the same college and they soon fall in love. One day, Deva comes across his friend Ashok who invites him home. He then introduces Deva to his sister Indu who is hot-headed sister but has a beautiful voice. Deva is impressed and hopes she could sing for his band. He tries to befriend her but Indu misunderstands his advances for eve-teasing and gets him arrested. Deva is locked up and thrashed by the police which angers Shruti, who rushes to Indu s house and yells at her for getting Deva arrested. Ashok then reveals the reason behind Indu s behavior and narrates the hideous incident that ruined her life while she was on a trip. Deva decides to bring back happiness in Indu s life by making her favorite singer visit her. Indu s is ecstatic to meet her role model. She also apologizes to Deva and Shruti for her behavior. Soon, Deva and Shruti announce their engagement and Deva invites his friend Ranjith for the ceremony. Thrilled to introduce his to-be wife to his old friend, Deva doesn t realize that he ends up introducing Indu instead of Shruti. Ranjith is shocked. He then congratulates Deva for being such a brave man and marrying the same girl he raped. Deva is shocked as he does not recollect any such incidence. Ranjith then narrates the whole scene that makes Deva question his future commitments to Shruti. Will Deva go ahead and marry the love of his life or not, forms the ultimate crux of the story. more»
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