The film tracks the political life of Ammavasai aka Nagaraja Cholan (Sathyaraj), from where the first part left off. The story is all about how Nagaraja Cholan MA, a cunning MLA becomes deputy CM and then CM using his crooked mind. He plays political games with the help of his right hand man Mani (Manivannan) and kills all the people who stand in his way to become CM. CBI officer Rajagopal (Sathyaraj again) gets to know about these killings and waits for the right time and evidence to arrest him. Meanwhile, Nagaraja Cholan's son Gangai Kondaan (Raghu, Manivannan's son in real) marries a poor village girl Shenbagavalli (Mrudula Murali) aiming for publicity and thus, marking his political entry. After becoming CM, Nagaraja Cholan makes deal with a NRI company purely for money and agrees to deforestation, that faces opposition from the local tribal people along with their leader (Seeman). What happens to the tribal people and whether Rajagopal succeeds in arresting the CM forms the rest of the film.