Tanu and Manu have been married for four years but all is not well in paradise: Manu lands up in a mental institution in London, while Tanu comes back to Kanpur, leaving Manu's friend, Pappi to fend for him. He manages to get Manu released from the asylum and they return to India. Manu, pained and suffering from his wife's antics, continues to brood - until one day, he runs into Tanu's lookalike, Kusum, alias Datto, a Haryanvi athlete studying in Delhi University. Manu falls in love with Datto and slowly, the otherwise brusque girl begins to reciprocate. Meanwhile, Tanu is rekindling all old flames in her hometown, including her former fiance Raja Awasthi. When Manu sends Tanu a legal notice, her lawyer replies with divorce papers, without her knowledge. A hilarious comedy of manners and errors ensues when it is revealed that Datto was due to marry Raja Awasthi. When Tanu learns of Manu's plans to marry Datto, all hell breaks loose. Who will Manu finally choose? Will Tanu be successful in winning her love back?