Mukhtiar Chadha is the story of a Sikh kid who feels he lost his father due to their poverty. The only thing he has in his mind growing up is to make money either by hook or by crook. He primarily begins to make money through commissions in the deals that he gets done for others. Everyone loves Mukhtiar Chadha because of his lovely, funny, and unique manner of pursuing people in business dealings. He loves his mother very much and wants her to shut her small statue shop and enhance the business in some other way. While still in college, Mukhtiar Chadha opens a new business of property dealing. The money that he earns from the property dealing business is invested by him in the share market to grow exponentially. He takes a commission from a girl in his college, who also happens to be his neighbour. He starts blackmailing her for money, but with the passage of time, he falls in love with her. Meanwhile, a Mafia group captures the property that once had Mukhtiar sold to someone. Without knowledge, Mukhtiar Chadha collides with the Mafia and they destroy his mother s statue shop. This is when he sets off to take revenge from the Mafia group, for all the miseries suffered by him and his mother.