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Unnidathil Ennai Koduthean| 1998

Unnidathil Ennai Koduthean

1998 | 157 min
"Selvam (Karthik) lives with his friend Bhaskar (Ramesh Khanna) doing small jobs. One day they both decide to steal a Ganesh idol from a temple believing that having a stolen Ganesh idol at home will bring prosperity. They are spotted by the local people around the temple and the two hide in Radha s (Roja) home. Radha works in Viswanthan s (Mouli) home as maid after her mother s death. But actually Radha is the illegitimate daughter of Viswanathan which both of them alone know about. Viswanthan along with his wife has gone to attend a function while Radha alone stays in the home along with Viswanathan s grandchildren. Radha spots Selvam and Ramesh Khanna and locks them in a room mistaking them as thieves. But later realizes their good nature and releases them. One day, Viswanathan s wife Sathyapriya raises an issue that her diamond necklace is missing and accuses Radha for stealing it and sends her out of home. Radha does not want Viswanathan to reveal her true identity and instead leaves the home. Now Selvam meets Radha and gets to know her situation. Selvam joins Radha in a women s hostel and helps her. One day Selvam hears Radha singing and understands her singing talent. Selvam helps music director Gangai Amaren during midnight when his car was repaired. Gangai Amaren thanks Selvam and offers him help. But Selvam informs Gangai Amaren about Radha and her beautiful voice and requests him to provide her a chance for singing in movies. Gangai Amaren agrees and calls Radha to sing in chorus along with others. But he is impressed with her singing ability and offers her a solo song. Radha gets popular as a singer and receives so much fame and prosperity. She moves to a big bungalow along with Selvam and Ramesh Khanna. In the meantime, Viswanathan also reveals that Radha is his daughter and wants to reunite with her. Viswanathan s wife also accepts Radha as her step daughter. Everyone now lives in the same bungalow. But Sathyapriya and her sister hate Selvam and Ramesh Khanna staying along with them. Radha s family members plan her wedding with Sanjay (Ajith Kumar), brother of Sathyapriya who lives abroad. Sanjay comes to India on a visit. Radha leaves to New Delhi to receive a national award and in the meantime, Sathyapriya accuses Selvam for stealing money and sends him out of home while Radha is away. When Radha returns she gets shocked knowing that Selvam and Ramesh Khanna has already left somewhere. She finds a diary in Selvam s room where Selvam has expressed his desire to marry Radha and thereby understands his love. Meanwhile an event has been organized in Chennai for congratulating Radha on her achievement of winning a national award. Selvam is an auto driver now and comes to drop a customer to Radha s function. On getting to know that the function is for Radha, Selvam decides to watch it along with the crowd. On the stage, Radha speaks emotionally about the hardships faced by her during early days and praises that it was Selvam who stood by her during her tough days. She dedicates all her fame and glory to Selvam and says that he is somewhere in the crowd watching the program and requests him to come on stage. Selvam comes to the stage amid huge applause from the crowd. In front of everyone, Radha expresses her wish to marry Selvam for which he agrees happily. A small flashback is shown where Radha has already informed her wish of marrying Selvam to Sanjay for which he agreed immediately and wished her good luck. Selvam and Radha get united in the end." more»
Subtitles:Arabic, English
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Pasamalar| 1961


1961 | 166 min
Rajasekhar (Sivaji Ganesan) becomes the guardian to his younger sister Radha (Savitri) after their parents death. The brother-sister duo love, care and adore each other and are inseparable. When the factory in which Rajasekhar works is shut down due to a labour problem and he is depressed, Radha gives him 1000 which she had earned and saved by making toys. She advises him to use this money as seed capital and commence his own toy business. The dutiful brother follows his sister s advice, starts a business and in a short time, becomes rich. Anand (Gemini Ganesan) a former colleague of Rajasekhar who earlier helped him to get a job in his old factory, is jobless and approaches Rajasekhar for work. Rajasekhar appoints him in his concern and over a period of time, Anand and Radha fall in love. Rajasekhar, who is very possessive of his sister, gets angry with Anand as he feels betrayed. However, knowing how intensely Radha loves Anand, he arranges for their wedding.After the marriage, Anand, along with his aunt and cousin, move into Rajasekhar s house. Rajasekhar marries Malathy (M. N. Rajam), a doctor, on Radha s suggestion. All of them continue to live under the same roof and several misunderstandings arise. Anand s aunt uses every opportunity to widen the rift between Malathy and Radha and Radha and Anand. Unable to witness Radha s troubles, Rajasekhar moves out of the house with his wife, Through Radha, Anand s aunt serves a legal notice to Rajasekhar, demanding a share in the property for Radha. Malathy files a counter petition and the property is attached by the court, pending resolution. Unable to see Radha s sufferings, Rajasekhar withdraws the case. Still the families do not unite. Radha delivers a girl and Malathy delivers a boy. After her child s birth, Malathy goes abroad for further studies, leaving the child with Rajasekhar. Unable to cope with the separation from his sister and to have peace of mind, Rajasekhar goes on a pilgrimage for several months. He returns on Diwali day and goes to meet Radha, but is denied entry by Anand s aunt. While going back, he saves a little girl from getting burnt by fire crackers and in the process, loses his eyesight. He is hospitalised and Radha rushes to the hospital to see her brother. Rajasekhar learns that the girl he saved is none other than his niece. Unable to cope with his inability to see them, he dies; Radha too dies holding his hand. The duo becomes an epitome of brother-sister relationship. In the shadow of their deaths, the children unite and seek their heavenly blessings. more»
Subtitles:Arabic, English
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Puthiya Paravai| 1964

Puthiya Paravai

1964 | 147 min
"Gopal (Sivaji Ganesan) is a rich businessman en route to India from Singapore on a cruise ship. He meets Latha (Saroja Devi), another traveller who has been accompanied by her father Ramadurai (V. K. Ramasamy). Gopal and Latha find that they like each other, so Gopal invites them to stay at his palatial mansion in Ooty, which they accept. One day, Latha discovers that Gopal becomes agitated whenever he sees an onrushing train and demands the reason for it. Gopal explains that the reason behind this is his first wife. In a flashback, after losing his mother, Gopal, in his sorrow had been wandering aimlessly at Singapore. In a nightclub, he meets a singer named Chitra (Sowcar Janaki). He gets attracted to her and they decide to marry, in the presence of Chitra's brother Raju (S. V. Ramadoss). But he is disappointed from the very first day of their marriage, she comes home inebriated, and despite his repeated requests, has little respect for tradition and family values. Eventually, Gopal's father (Dada Mirasi) dies of a heart attack after seeing Chitra's drunken behaviour on Gopal's birthday. Gopal tries to control Chitra, but she is always irritated by his acts. At one point, she tries to leave him. Gopal begs her to change her decision, but Chitra still leaves. The next day, he hears that Chitra had died on a railway track, and this hurts him a lot. Latha sympathises with Gopal and accepts his love.The engagement of Gopal and Latha is fixed and while the reception is being held, a young woman arrives, claiming to be Chitra, accompanied by her uncle Rangan (M. R. Radha). Gopal says the woman is an impostor, but she and her uncle produce evidence which convinces even Gopal's police officer friend Kumar (O. A. K. Thevar). Gopal's engagement with Latha is cancelled. Chitra and Rangan become disruptive and Gopal gets frustrated, fearing that Latha might leave him because his ""wife"" has turned up. Several days later, Gopal reveals the truth to everyone. In a flashback, when Chitra was ready to leave Gopal, he slapped her. Chitra, suffering from a heart condition, is unable to take the insult of his slap and dies from the shock. Gopal realises that he had inadvertently killed his wife. To avoid arrest, and safeguard the honour of his family, he manipulates the murder to appear like a suicide on a railway track and fabricates the necessary evidence to show that Chitra committed suicide. Thus, Gopal escapes from the charges of murder. Not wishing to continue living in Singapore, he leaves by a ship to India.Upon hearing this, Latha and Ramadurai reveal themselves as police officers from Singapore investigating Chitra's death based on the complaint filed by Raju. Rangan is the local investigating officer, while the woman impersonating Chitra is actually Rangan's aide, Saroja. Together, they staged an entrapment to get the killer's confession, because there was no other conclusive evidence. Latha confesses to a dejected Gopal that though she initially pretended to love him, his good nature impressed her and she truly loves him; she promises that she will wait for him till he returns after completing his jail term. Gopal is relieved, but is still arrested and imprisoned. more»
Subtitles:Arabic, English
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