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Himmatvar| 1996


1996 | 149 min
After spending ten years in prison, Sultan Bhai (Dharmendra) once an uncrowned king of Bombay is released from the jail and starts living peaceful life in the hearts of Basti people. Damodar Kangley alias D.K. (Mohan Joshi) who was a right hand man of Sultan, is now become the terror of the town. He has taken over Sultan's place D.K. wants to get the same Basti vacated where Sultan lives. Thus a big tussel starts between them.In the meantime Rajeshwar Singh (Mukesh Khanna) an old friend of Sultan is transferred to Bombay as an A.C.P. (A.T.S.) to control the fast increasing criminal activities in the city. Rajeshwar's brother Jai (Hitesh) is doing his police training in Nasik Police Academy. His beloved Anjali (Rubaina Khan) is daughter of D.C.P. Shrikant. To remove Sultan form his way, D.K. entangles him in a murder case. Sultan is arrested. Rajeswhar Singh arrests Munna, younger brother of D.K. on doubt and encounters him. D.K. goes mad. In retaliation he kills Rajeshwar's wife and daughter and shoots at his leg to make him handicapped. Jai, for whom the world became meaningless, sets foot in Bombay. He joins D.K.'s gang hiding his real identity, in order to take revenge of this Bhabi and niece. Sultan also escapes from jail and he too vows to destroy D.K's world. At a juncture D.K. gets to know the real identity of Jai. And Jai runs for his life. D.K. and his gangsters are out to kill him and his wife. more»
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Taqdeer| 1967


1967 | 138 min
Gopal Bharat Bhooshan, a poor music-teacher of Goa, earns his livelihood by teaching music to the children in his village. Though Gopal and his wife Sharda Shalini and their three children are poor, they face life with integrity. One day Gopal leaves home to better his prospects by taking employment onboard a ship. But, soon after his departure, news comes that the ship has been wrecked, and he is reported missing. Sharda tries her best to stem the onrushing tide of poverty but cannot, and soon her children are on the verge of starvation. Trapped in the storms of agony and tortures, Sharda finally takes a brave decision -- and accepts Vijay Babu's offer to marry him. Several years pass, and we find on the shores of Africa a bearded Gopal bereft of memory. But one day he hears a familiar melody, a composition of his own, sung by one of his former pupils. Memory flashes back to him, and he returns to his native place in Goa. Here, he's shocked to find his home broken down and deserted. Then he hears of his wife's remarriage to Vijay Babu and finds his children grownup, rich and happy. Gopal decides not to re-enter their lives instead choosing to eke out a quiet and lonely existence. But the wheel of fate turns once again and one day, the he saves Geetahis daughter from a ruffian. One thing leads to another, and soon, Sharada, comes to know that the strange friend of her youngest daughter is none other than her own husband! Almost simultaneously, Vijay Babu learns the truth too. Instantly he decides to get rid of poor Gopal. Watch to know what happens next. more»
Subtitles:Arabic, English
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Yehi Hai Zindagi| 1977

Yehi Hai Zindagi

1977 | 130 min
Anand Narayan comes from a poor family, which consists of his wife, Gayatri, daughter, Kamla and two sons Madhu and Govind. Through hard work, Anand starts on his way to success. He meets with Nekiram, who becomes his business partner and also his samdhi (in-law) as his daughter is in love with Madhu. Both get married in a simple ceremony. After this marriage, both Nekiram and Anand and his family work hard at preparing food in a small sweet shop. Lord Krishna then appears to Anand who asks the Lord for material success. After this meeting Anand's Dhaba grows into a restaurant, then a larger fancier restaurant, finally a five star hotel. Now Anand and his family are all wealthy and live in a palatial home. Bhagwan Shri Krishna regularly visits him and asks about him and his family. Anand proudly takes all the credit and asks Krishna to accompany him to see his success and his hotel. Bhagwan Krishna declines, but agrees to do so later. Things don't go quite as well for Anand, when he finds out that Nekiram has been cheating him. Nekiram leaves the house, but Madhu accompanies him. Then Anand finds that Govind has been squandering money and time on women and alcohol and to top his disappointment Kamla gets pregnant. When Bhagwan Krishna comes to visit Anand again, he admits that he is a failure, his health is poor, and his family are all strangers to him. Lord Krishna advises Anand that this is his life and he must learn from the Mahabharata and that every life is a struggle, which is confused by relations and near and dear ones and also by one's ego. Once the ego is removed, then only one can see clearly. But will Anand be able to understand and carry out what Lord Krishna is asking him to? Or will end up taking the blame, like he took the credit, upon himself? more»
Subtitles:Arabic, English
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