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Aran| 2006


2006 | 153 min
Major Mahadevan (Mohanlal) is an officer deputed to the National Security Guards (NSG). He has been assigned to counter-terrorism duties in Kashmir and commands an elite group of NSG commandos. He calls back his buddy Havildar Jaikumar (Jiiva) from his honeymoon because he has information about major activities of the militants; he feels Jaikumar is needed for the team. The commandos raid a mosque in civilian dress and seize a big collection of arms and explosives. Later, during an operation focused on some cottages near the Dal Lake, a commando in the team is killed and an outraged Jaikumar shoots down a captured terrorist who challenges the commandos. A human rights activist (Shwetha Menon) learns about this and threatens to file a complaint with the government. She later understands the situation and the sincerity of the commandos and decides not to proceed with the complaint. Meanwhile, a group of terrorists from Afghanistan and Pakistan conspire to hit the Hazratbal Shrine with a missile; they think this will create unrest in the region and that the Indian army will be blamed. They hijack a house that offers a good vantage point on the shrine and plant the missile there. Some of them rape a girl in the house and shoot a person who protests. A military patrolling vehicle hears the gunshot; as they approach the house, they are fired upon. The patrolling team intimates the NSG, and Mahadevan and his team immediately join the battle. After a long operation, the team kills the terrorists, frees the civilian hostages and disarms the missile. But a civilian informs that the chief of the terrorists is not to be seen among the corpses, and the commandos start a combing operation in the house. They locate the terrorist and Mahadevan recognises the man as the one who killed his wife and daughter. The terrorist is killed but he manages to shoot at Mahadevan. Mahadevan is covered by Jaikumar, who gets hit by the bullet and dies. Jaikumar is awarded the Kirti Chakra posthumously. more»
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Arunagirinathar| 1964


1964 | 139 min
Arunagiri (T. M. Soundararajan) was born in the town of Thiruvannamalai in Tami Nadu. Arunagiri was attracted to the pleasures of the flesh and spent his youth in pursuing a life of debauchery. He frequently visited the devadasi Maragatham (C. Lakshmi Rajyam). His sister Aadhi Lakshmi (B. S. Saroja) tries to reform her brother, Arunagiri, so she arranged his marriage with Gnana Valli (Sharadha). And Arunagiri was feeling unhappy in his married life. He neglects his wife and continues in his bad ways. He persuades his sister to sell all their property and their house to get money for his dissipation. He reduces himself, his wife and sister to dire poverty. His sister gave him what ever money she earned herself, to make her brother happy. It was said that since he was used to enjoying his life in debauchery, he started to suffer from leprosy and people were avoiding him. There came a time when his sister had no money to meet his demands for his dissipated life. Arunagiri said he was going to end his life because of this. To prevent Arunagiri from killing himself, his sister says that he should sell her in order to have money for prostitutes. Since he had leprosy, prostitutes could avoid him and if that were the case, Arunagiri's sister says she will offer herself to him, to stop Arunagiri from committing suicide. Hearing this shocks him to the core and changes his outlook. Till that time, he was uncaring about the consequences to his family because of his depraved lifestyle. Arunagiri feels guilty and attempts suicide by jumping off a temple tower when Lord Murugan himself, disguised as a pious young man saves him, cures his leprosy, shows him a path of religious devotion and initiates him to compose the Thiruppugazh, an anthology of songs dedicated to Lord Murugan. more»
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Arjun Aamar Naam| 2003

Arjun Aamar Naam

2003 | 146 min
a small, mischievous boy named Arjun. He stays with his widowed mother. He is extremely bold and daring and is loved by all. He stays at his uncle's house but he has royal blood as his father was the local Zamindar's son who was disowned by his father when he married Arjun's mother without informing the family. Everybody calls upon him in times of need for help and he does that without any complain. The local party is headed by miser, Holodhor whose daughter Rani and Arjun are lovers much to her father's dismay. He sends out men to find a perfect suitor for his only daughter. Meanwhile the oppression of the opposition party leader, Naren Pal and his son Vikram, started getting out of hand and as the representative of the villagers, Arjun takes up the duty of teaching Vikram a rightful lesson for his misdeed and does that. Meanwhile, mischievous Arjun devises a plan and declares the villagers that the Zamindar had announced prize money of 50 lakhs rupees to the best person who works for village's welfare. This fuels Heliodor's enthusiasm in taking care of the village and serving the villagers.Meanwhile Naren Pal also in order to win the prize money starts working for the welfare of the village.Electricity is brought by one side while the other side brings tube wells at every road. Slowly the village sees a never seen before improvement. But then the truth comes out driving both the parties against Arjun. They send out people to beat up Arjun. The news reaches to the Zamindar who realises Arjun is his own grandson. The game ends, when neither of the parties but as per Arjun's wish ,the money is given to the village school master. The Zamindar embraces Arjun and his mother with open arms. Rani and Arjun get married. more»
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